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Chiang Mai Patara Elephant Farm








Chiang Mai Style


Hotel Rachamanka






Better late than never, right? I went to Thailand last November, but fell behind on doing posts for my travels. I took so many beautiful videos and photos, and had so many one-in-a-lifetime moments, that I felt not doing a post on it would be a missed opportunity. I put together a Bangkok travel diary and video, but stopped there. Chiang Mai was probably my favorite city that we visited in Thailand. Situated in the Northern part of the country, Chiang Mai is in the jungle and has unique food that differs from the beach coastal cities that typically come to mind when you think of Thailand. 

We did some of my absolute favorite activities here. We stayed at hotel Rachamanka, which was incredible and serene, and is the same place Angelina Jolie stayed when she visited Chiang Mai! Patara Elephant Farm came highly recommended as one of the few places that you can safely (for both elephants and people) ride elephants, and it was an experience that I will never forget! 

The other major highlight was the Chiang Mai lantern festival–one of the most incredible things I have ever seen! Watch my video for all the highlights, and enjoy some of my favorite snaps! xx

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