What Is Micellar Water and Should You Be Using It?


Beauty fads and crazes come and go so quickly these days, it’s hard to keep up! Even for someone like me, whose job it is to try out the latest products and trends. But there’s one new buzz-worthy word that keeps popping up on bloggers, on beauty sites, and in conversation–micellar water.

So, I decided to dig into this–what exactly is micellar water? By definition, micellar water is comprised of micelles, tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules, suspended in soft water. Okay…but what is really in it? I probed further. For starters, micellar water is nothing new. In fact, it’s very old, and dates back 100 years to the French. Before traditional plumbing, the water in France was very harsh on the skin, so people used micellar water to cleanse their faces. So how does it work? Those micelles (aka the tiny oil molecules suspended in soft water) are attracted to dirt, oil, and grime and draw out impurities without drying out the skin. Therefore, micellar water is great for people with dry and sensitive skin, because it doesn’t strip the face of natural oils and leave behind harsh chemicals like some facial cleansers do.

I’ve never been a fan of washing my face in the morning because I feel it makes my skin much dryer throughout the day, so I was eager to swap out my morning cleanse (or lack there of) with something new and hydrating. I instantly fell in love with Garnier’s micellar water, and it costs all of $8.  Now I’ll be honest, I still need to use my serums, oils, potions and creams at night, so micellar water didn’t replace my whole skincare routine like some articles claim and / or suggest, but I do use it most mornings and nights in lieu of a face wash. And, it’s brilliant for taking off makeup! Win win. The only time I really wash my face is one to two times a week for exfoliating. I have noticed a difference in my skin clarity and texture, and do feel that cleansing my face less is helping a lot with dryness, especially during these dry winter months!

Okay, so that’s my rant on micellar water. I guess to sum it up, YES you should buy it and YES you should try it and I PROMISE you will love it. The end! Shop my favorite picks below. 


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