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I thank my lucky stars all the time that my mom saved so many awesome vintage pieces for my sister and I. When it comes to fashion, shopping vintage is one of the things that gives me the greatest pleasure. And you know what’s even better than scoring a great vintage find? Getting an amazing vintage piece WITHOUT the hunt. So, thanks mom!

Gucci is dominating spring and summer — you can’t scroll through Instagram without seeing the signature Gucci print somewhere, which is why I begged my mom to turn over this vintage Gucci bowler from the ’80s. I’ve had my eye on this bag for awhile, and even got the inside reupholstered in college when my mom let me  borrow it! The bag and shoes here are the main focus (the shoes are vintage from my mom as well,) so everything else is simple and classic, perfect for a crisp spring day at the office!

I love how my outlook on fashion goes through different phases. For awhile, I loved showing off designer bags, then I went through a phase of despising anything with a “label” or “monogram,” aka G’s all over a bag. Now, I have appreciation for vintage pieces like this. However, I’m not going to be busting out the Coach monogrammed bucket hat anytime soon, but I can appreciate (and wear!) a gorgeous bag like this.

Do you like this vintage Gucci bag? Are you into the monogramming and the stripes? Or, do you think it’s trite? Let me know in the comments!

camel trench work look navy trousers 1

camel trench details 1

medium shot camel trench looking down

camel trench details 2

medium shot details 2

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  1. You should have worn the Vintage Burberry coat I bought in London in 1984…I know it’s longer…but hey…you’re a trend setter…do it…also…the bag was purchased in 1984 too, in Venice, Italy….Enjoy….xoxo…

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