Tricks to Wearing Black Lipstick

For starters, this trend is not for the shy! It takes a lot of confidence to pull this off. I like to think that I have a ton of confidence, especially since I am an on-air host by trade and you kind of have to in this profession, but just a few seconds into the application of this basically black lip color, and I too started having doubts.

The vice? Too Faced’s Melted lip color in villain. I find the name of this color so incredibly perfect, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I kind of felt like the Hamburgler while rocking this shade (a villain who steals burgers is the best kind of villain, after all.)

Tip 1: Use eye liner as lip liner! Grab your favorite black eyeliner and lightly line your lips and fill them in prior to the color application. I found that eye liner works better than lip liner, and you probably already have some black eyeliner in your make-up arsenal

Tip 2: This is not the time to go for a fully bare face. I rarely wear makeup when I’m not working, but when you’re applying such a dark, cool color, you need to hide your imperfections even more because the cool tones highlight dark under eye areas and blemishes! Right after applying this dark purple/blue shade, I quickly added on some light concealer and a little bronzer. Savior!

Tip 3: Don’t wear this color when you’re going to have a nice 5 course dinner, date night or a wild evening on the town. This stuff SMEARS. And it’s messy. It’s not good for eating, looks pretty gross on a straw, and even grosser on a napkin. Keep in mind what you’re doing. I’d wear this shade to an art museum or a mellow night out with friends.

Tip 4: Keep a mirror handy, for obvious reasons

Tip 5: Remember you have it on! I forgot about half way through this party I was at and look at what happened.


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