The Perfect Lacey Dress

Lace 3-1

I still cannot believe I walked out of the house in this dress… not once, but twice! The “naked” dress trend has been all over Hollywood for awhile thanks to Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Rihanna… basically everyone who is stylish and cool has rocked a “naked” dress. I never thought in my wildest dreams I would try one of these looks out myself — I can barely show my décolletage—  but, a few weeks ago I went to a holiday preview with Bebe, and they offered to dress me for the event. As I scoured the cookbook for something to wear, my eyes kept coming back to this dress. 

I thought I had lost my mind, seriously! Like, I barely even like showing a sliver of my midriff — I thought, how will I ever pull this off in PUBLIC? After talking to my friends for way too long about whether or not I should pick the dress, I decided to go with my gut and just do it. 

How cool is the result? First off, I feel like it’s beyond flattering. The first time I wore the dress to the Bebe Masquerade party, I wore the briefs that came with the dress along with my own lacy black bra. 

For my second go-around wearing nearly nothing, I decided to wear even less — a nude bra, gasp! I swear people thought I was literally naked, and I’m not going to lie it was kind of fun watching peoples’ reactions to my look. I really adore these photos and I even got some comments from people on the street telling me how much the liked my dress (not creepy weird people by the way, stylish cute girls.)

So, my advice to you? If you’ve been itching to try out this trend, or any trend for that matter, just do it. You’ll never know how you feel about something if you don’t try it. Sometimes we need to listen to the age old advice 🙂

Lace 2

Lace 4

Lace 1

Lace ex 1

LAce ex 3

Lace ex 4

Lace ex 5

Lace ex 6

Dress | Bebe   Shoes | H&M   Jacket | Super Dry   Bag | Alexander Wang   Photos | Elaine Torres

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