Fashionable Fitness Gear




As I mentioned in this post a month or so ago, I have been on a quest to get fit. I’ve always been the type to workout–I thoroughly enjoy exercise classes, dancing, and hiking. However, over the years, I started noticing more and more flab and less toning, despite my regular barre classes and Runyon Canyon visits. 

It’s said that “nothing changes, if nothing changes.” So, I set out to change my routine try pilates. I had heard amazing things about Pilates Platinum and decided to really give it a go. I won’t lie, it’s freaking hard. And, it doesn’t get easier, but I love it. Why? Because as you get stronger, you’re able to dig into each move and muscle more. And the funny part is, moves that I thought were “easier” when I started I’m actually now finding challenging, because I now have the strength to do them correctly. Shout out to my fave instructor at the Hollywood Pilates Platinum, Ricky Rebel! read more

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My Fave New Workout Gear

If you follow me on Instagram, you’d know that I have been doing a ton of Pilates Platinum. I am addicted, and I’m really starting to see results! As someone who only worked out from time to time before, I’m not going to lie my workout wardrobe wasn’t really on point. I’ve been slowly trying to update my workout closet with a mix of classic colors and prints that are interchangeable and cohesive. 

A new go-to brand of mine is Tapout. Whether you’re a hardcore athlete, frequent a high intensity workout class like spinning, or are more of the yoga type, Tapout really has something for everyone. I settled on the gray Warrior sports bra ($30) and the Circuit Prestige Capri printed pants ($40.)  read more

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My Workout Routine

I have been on a mission to get fit. I’ve been pretty athletic my whole life–as a child I was a figure skater and dancer, in high school I was Varsity Cheer Captain, in college I trained and ran the LA Marathon, and in my early 20’s, I was a committed gym rat. The lure of the gym died quickly for me with all of the cool, new exercise classes that popped up around Los Angeles. I started barre classes about five years ago and fell in love. However, I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. Sure, I’m toned–but I needed something to take me to the next fitness level to help me reach my goals. read more

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