White Shirt Redux

white shirt redux blazer shorts suit

white shirt redux white oxford with stripe top blazer and shorts with loafers on blogger Allison McNamara

white shirt redux stripe top blazer shorts suit redhead Fashion Blogger Allison McNamara

white shirt redux black blazer shorts suit redhead fashion blogger Allison McNamara

white shirt redux red head fashion blogger Allison McNamara

white shirt redux redhead fashion blogger Allison McNamara


One of the trends I really love for spring and summer is the creative reinvention of the white button down. Or as the fashion set is calling it, the white shirt redux. For quick clarification–redux means “brought back or revival.” Now I’m not saying that white shirts ever really went anywhere, but I predict we’ll be seeing white shirts worn in a variety of new ways and morphed into unique shapes and silhouettes. You guys know by now that button ups are a staple of mine, and I’m always up for a styling challenge… especially if it involves reinventing a classic! read more

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Powerful Pattern Play





When it rains, it pours, and I like to apply that same theory to prints. Why wear just one when you can wear two? Or, if you’re a pro like my friend and blogger Vanessa Beletic, three? Today, I only went with two, but for a unique twist I tried the exact same pattern in reverse color ways. Fun right?

I started with the dress – a very ladylike choice for me, I was feeling a bit proper for some peculiar reason. I’m always a fan of a turtleneck, but I must confess, the cowl neck has been a nemesis of mine up until this moment. I always feel like a bubble head lost in a dismal abyss of fabric when I go for the cowl neck, but the sleeveless silhouette and fitted waist erased all my former woes. read more

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Neutral Work Wear



What do you wear to work? For me, it’s all about comfortable basics in neutral shades that you can mix, match and re-wear. My job is different. When I’m in the office filming, I go into work, sit at a desk and write the script for the show, then head to hair and makeup, and then change for the shoot. Being comfortable is key, and I will admit, many days all I want to do is go to work in workout clothes, but I really try not to do that.

So, instead of keeping on my Lulu Lemons, I reach for loose trousers, sweaters and longer layers. I’ve been on a vest kick as of late (perhaps because I enjoyed a few to many champagne cocktails in Hawaii and I’m hiding a little extra baggage, if you know what I mean), but really, this vest goes with everything! read more

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