Undone Suiting

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Somedays, I just want to throw on a good suit and be done with it, you know? The only problem is that a suit would be way too fancy for my office. So, the next best thing? My take on a dressed down suit comprised of slouchy trousers, an open white button-down, and a vest in lieu of a blazer. I love how polished I felt (and look) in this outfit, and it’s definitely one I plan on recreating with more colorful separates in my closet.

Another thing I want to share with you guys is the NextRadio app. For those of you who know me or have been reading my blog for awhile, you know that I am a TV host that studied broadcasting in college and I have a penchant for anything entertainment: tv, movies, and radio. I am a radio junkie! Even with all the new streaming technologies where we can listen to whatever music we want whenever we want, I always find myself tuning in to my favorite radio stations.

I have been listening to 102.7 since before I can remember. I love listening to Seacrest, and before that, Rick Dees. But, now that I don’t drive to work everyday, I found myself missing out on my favorite morning radio shows. And I’ll let you in on a little secret – at some point in my life, I want to host a radio show. So listening is crucial! I consider it research 🙂

Now, that’s where this magical Next Radio app comes in. It’s a free smartphone app that connects you with local FM radio stations directly on your smartphone! Which means, I can be writing blog posts at home in my office while listening to Seacrest or Carson Daly on my Next Radio app. Pretty sweet right? Try it out and let me know what you think in the comments!

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Button Down | James Perse    Turtleneck | Vince   Trousers | Bar III    Shoes | Jeffery Campbell   Glasses | Etnia Barcelona    Photos | Elaine Torres

’60s Siren








It’s taken me lots of trial and error to find out my personal style. I used to rely heavily on trends to guide me on what to wear. Then, I became really edgy and grungy. I wanted everything to be black, studded, and torn. I got over that phase in a few years, around 2012, and after that, I went super preppy, wearing almost a schoolgirl like uniform on the reg. That phase, too, had an expiration date and I was left with a wardrobe without direction.

I decided to start loading up on the classics. The next step was to identify time periods I liked and related to and styles and silhouettes I felt comfortable in. The 1960s is my favorite decade for fashion. And I love wearing blazers and button-ups. So I kind of started using that as my own sartorial DNA.

Now, I’m still a fashion girl so I’m always going to try new trends. However, this particular outfit really holds true to that ’60s persona I like to channel. I’ve tried to get rid of this white, collarless shirt several times but something always hits me and I keep it. I’m glad I did because it is so chic and great for tucking.

These cream culottes are a favorite of mine. I don’t care if they aren’t flattering, they are awesome and free and make me want to do cartwheels. The scarf is another from my mom’s stash and I love how it just flows in the wind when I walk. I kept the whole look neutral so the scarf was the only pop of color and the result is soft, refreshing, and I think even Jackie O herself might approve. Like what you see? Shop my similar picks below. x

Culottes | H&M

Shoes | Zara

Scarf | Vintage

Clutch | Loeffler Randall 

All About Neck Scarves

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Why are neck scarves so chic? Perhaps it’s the Hermes effect. When I think of neck scarves, my mind instantly goes to Devil Wears Prada and Miranda Priestley’s obsession with Hermes scarves. I also have several incredibly fashionable friends that follow the same rule, so there must be something to it… right?

The problem with me is that I admire lots of people’s fashion “isms,” but I always forget to try them out myself. Case in point, my mother endowed me with quite a spectacular collection of neck scarves in varying colors and patterns, but when I’m getting dressed for the day, I always overlook them. This happens to me a lot, partly because I have way too much shit in my closet, which is why I’m doing the #CleanClosetChallenge on YouTube, and also due in part to the fact that I just don’t give myself enough time to get ready in the morning. I’m trying to get better about it.

Since I actually remembered about the neck scarf for this outfit, I really wanted to show it off. You know, because it’s rare that I actually add on a cool accessory (note: I will get better at this!) I decided on a pretty pink, white, and striped scarf that I folded into a small triangle and tied around my neck. To make it pop, I went with all white on top, consisting of a white, silk tee; vest; and sunglasses. I love this whole look together, and it’s really inspired me to style more outfits with scarves. What do you think of the look? Are you loving scarves as much as I do? Let me know below!

Top | AYR

Vest | AYR

Jeans | Paige

Shoes | Converse

Bag | Mulberry

Scarf | Vintage

Sunglasses | Ray Ban

Photos | Elaine Torres