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Sweet and simple. That’s the mantra I’ve been living by recently, especially when it comes to my wardrobe. My friend is a fantastic dress designer, and designed this gorgeous LWD creation that has quickly become a favorite of mine. You should definitely check out the rest of her dresses over on Lavinia and Co, I know you won’t be disappointed! It was the perfect choice for an afternoon in the Japanese gardens of Descanso.  read more

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Legs For Days

Legs blazer 2

Legs Blazer 3

Legs blazer - 1

Legs Blazer 5

Legs Blazer 7

Legs blazer 6

Legs Blazer 4

Pun clearly intended – how rad is this blazer? I saw it and knew I had to have it. I actually pulled it for a shoot at Refinery29 from one of my favorite showrooms, ICA, and have managed to wear it with just about everything since (stay tuned for it’s cameo in some R29 videos!) It’s by a brand called Amator, a super cool brand that has a variety of awesome blazers, separates, and cozy clothes. This particular jacket is from their FW 2016 collection, and everything else in the lookbook is so awesome, I want it all. Take a look at it hereyou won’t be disappointed! read more

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Newsboy Cap

white dress newsboy hate full_1

I’ve secretly been wanting to try out a newsboy cap for a few years now, while simultaneously kind of hating on them with a burning passion. I’ve seen a few of my friends wearing them here and there (on Instagram, of course) and have had this urge to give them a shot, because when worn correctly, they can actually look pretty rad.

I’m totally subjecting myself to your opinion here – did I pull it off? I actually love it. I decided to pair my newsboy cap — which I purchased on Amazon btw — with a white, airy short sleeve dress, loafer sandal hybrids, and a dainty little choker. I feel like the problem(s — yes, there are many) a lot of people run into with styling newsboy caps are either 1) they look like a conductor  2) they style them too masculine   or 3) they just DGI all together. The worst is seeing a guy rock one of these poorly, sorry boys. And for those of you who don’t know what DGI means… because why would you… it stands for “doesn’t get it.” read more

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