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I’ve been on a major vintage kick lately. I think because I’m sick and tired of seeing the same sh*t on Instagram. Seriously, everyone looks the same, it’s mind-blowing! There are a few reasons for this… 1) a lot of the same fashion PR places and fashion brands gift more heavily than others 2) when a silhouette becomes popular, every other brand jumps on the bandwagon thanks to fast fashion and 3) because style has become so homogenized. 

Which is why I love going to places like Shareen Vintage in downtown Los Angeles. It really is a pretty paradise where you can get lost perusing vintage clothes for hours. I wore this 60s vintage dress years ago for Coachella and decided to bring it out of the woodworks, pairing it with seemingly fitting Docs and white sunglasses. This outfit feels decidingly British, and I love it. What do you think? 

Dress from Shareen Vintage

Shoes by Doc Martens, Vintage

Glasses from random Thrift Store

Bag by Alexander Wang


The Power of a Red Suit

Red lipstick red blazer and red hair


A lesson on how to stand out in a daring red suit, take a look!

Red vintage suit with Gucci loafers and Gucci bag

Red suit and red hair red blazer sunglasses

Allison McNamara wearing red suit with vintage blazer and ray ban sunglasses

Matching red suit with blazer and trousers

Red suit vintage with Gucci bag and loafers

Red suit with blazer and trousers and white tee

Like Realizing Stuff Kylie Jenner The Kylie Shop Tee with red suit

Vintage red suit on Allison McNamara with red hair

Red suit with Gucci accessories

I am all about a powerful, red suit these days, no matter what the occasion. A red suit is the perfect way to stand out at a business meeting or at an industry event, and shows that you have confidence. And…who doesn’t want to stand out in a crowd? This red blazer jacket is vintage from my mother, and I like the militant details… like the gold buttons and the stiff mini collar. The jacket and pants don’t actually go together, but they sure look like they do! Together they create the perfect, cherry red suit. I’m all about creating my own suiting by pairing different blazers and trousers together because they’re unique and one-of-a-kind. 

But TBH, this look was really about the Gucci. All the Gucci. I have had my eye on these Gucci Jordaan loafers for awhile, and they finally had them back in stock last January and I had to get them.   They are an invest piece and I know I will be wearing these gorgeous loafers on repeat. And, I decided to have a full Gucci moment by pairing them with my vintage Gucci Boston bag. The only thing that would have made this look better would have been the Gucci tee, but this “Like, Realizing Stuff” t-shirt from The Kylie Shop isn’t a bad alternative. Like what you see? Get shopping my curated picks below. And as always, leave me a comment–I love hearing from you! xx

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Layer a Crop Top Over a Button Down

How to Layer Crop Top Over Button Down

Layer a black crop top over striped button down

Layer a crop top over button down with leather jacket

How to Layer a Crop Top Over Button Down with peg leg jeans and vintage Gucci

Crop top over button down with leather jacket

Crop top over button down with raw hem jeans

Black crop top over button down with stripes

Proportion and layers leather jacket and crop top over button down


I’ve been really into layering unexpected pieces in my wardrobe, like putting a summer crop top over a button down. I’m currently digging crop tops and tanks layered over billowy blouses and button ups. The beauty of paring something cropped over something long, is that it creates a (false) illusion of length–which is great for someone who is short like me. Who knew a crop top over a button down could make me look and feel like Gisele?

As you know, I have a penchant for vintage. Most of my closet–and my favorite pieces–are vintage, including this blue and white stripe top from Neiman Marcus. It even has that super old school NM tag! What’s beautiful about this top is the movement. The top is actually separated into panels, with major slits on both sides, that creates a liquid-like movement when I walk. I layered a loose, black, cropped tank over it, and voila, instant length. 

Even though most of my look is vintage, you an shop (almost) identical pieces below! xx

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Must Have: Metallic Slippers








Keeping things uber casual today. I’m still all about those ruffles–even in itty bitty form as seen here on the collar of this H&M striped top. For this look, I went with easy, high-waisted jeans, a striped top and a leather moto… aka basics. The intrigue comes with the accessories. How unique are these gold slippers? I almost feel like a genie! They have the tiniest of kitten heels which makes them super comfy too. This vintage gucci bag has been in constant rotation as of late, and i like the way the gold heels and gucci print play off of each other. Shop my entire look below! And leave me a comment because I love hearing from you guys!

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My Fav Online Vintage Stores

My Favorite Online Vintage Stores Plaid Blazer Vintage

My Favorite Online Vintage stores Vintage Plaid Blazer with Vintage Belt

My Favorite Online Vintage stores Vintage Plaid 80s Blazer

My Favorite Online Vintage Stores Plaid Blazer with Shoulder Pads






My Favorite Online Vintage Stores Plaid Blazer with Vintage Silk Scarf and Sunglasses


There’s nothing quite like snagging an awesome vintage piece. Usually I prefer to hunt in person, heading to places like thrift stores and flea markets to scoop up my vintage finds. However, a very inspiring and stylish woman that I know always mentions on Instagram that she vintage shops online. (Hint: her name is Christene Barberich and if you’re not following her on the ‘gram, you most definitely should.)

This inspired me to try a little online vintage shopping of my own, and what I found was delightful. It opened me up to a whole new way of shopping vintage, and now I have my favorite online vintage stores that I check weekly. I found an account on Instagram called vintage2049 and liked the look of her clothes, so I headed to her Etsy store and shopped away. This rad, plaid blazer was one of the three items I scored! I also bought this red, ruffle top from her Etsy store too. I’m always a bit weary to share my secrets, but this one was just too good to keep to myself. And since I’m in a sharing mood, here are a few other of my favorite online vintage stores.


I have so many thoughts on how I’m going to style this structured, ’80s blazer (shoulder pads and all!) I went for a tuxedo inspired look, and added on a vintage scarf as a belt for a little flare. Like what you see? Shop my gallery below and leave me a comment letting me know what you think!

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