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I’ve been on a major vintage kick lately. I think because I’m sick and tired of seeing the same sh*t on Instagram. Seriously, everyone looks the same, it’s mind-blowing! There are a few reasons for this… 1) a lot of the same fashion PR places and fashion brands gift more heavily than others 2) when a silhouette becomes popular, every other brand jumps on the bandwagon thanks to fast fashion and 3) because style has become so homogenized. 

Which is why I love going to places like Shareen Vintage in downtown Los Angeles. It really is a pretty paradise where you can get lost perusing vintage clothes for hours. I wore this 60s vintage dress years ago for Coachella and decided to bring it out of the woodworks, pairing it with seemingly fitting Docs and white sunglasses. This outfit feels decidingly British, and I love it. What do you think? 

Dress from Shareen Vintage

Shoes by Doc Martens, Vintage

Glasses from random Thrift Store

Bag by Alexander Wang


An Ode to My Favorite Decade: ’60s

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I’ve said it before and I will (happily) say it again – the 1960s are, without a doubt, my absolute favorite decade for fashion. I love the freedom of the era, as exemplified by the cool patterns, colors, and shapes found on clothing. The ’60s are one of the reasons I love to shop vintage – to snag that one piece that hails from the decade I wish I would have lived in (without being the age of the living through them, hah.)

I usually don’t like to share my vintage stores, because I like to have some secrets. But since I’m in a good mood today, I guess I’ll share. I picked up this dress at a great store in Santa Barbara called Punch Vintage, and if you’re ever driving through the area, it’s definitely worth a visit. I was instantly drawn to it because of the unique color, pattern, and silhouette.

These sunglasses have a fun story. I bought them in HIGH SCHOOL – that’s about 12 years ago. I saved them, because they were my first Chloe purchase, and hoped they’d come back into style. I was shocked to see that they still sell the same style, too! You can shop this exact pair below, which blows my mind!

You’re going to be seeing these style shoes just about everywhere — the mesh sandal trend is about to blow up your instagram feeds, just you watch! These are actually by H&M, but they aren’t available yet for sale online, I will definitely update the gallery when I see you can buy them because they are a great shoe for a great price. And since it’s fast fashion, I think you should buy these instead of the Chloe’s I put below (buy the glasses!) but I included them just in case.

I hope you like my groovy look! Let me know what you think by leaving me a comments – do you like to shop vintage? xx

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