With Love, From Positano

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Is there a more beautiful place in the world? I’m starting to think not. Positano, Italy is one of those rare sites that dreams are made of. Funny story – I actually didn’t know we were stopping at Positano on my recent summer trip with my family. I knew we were heading to Naples, Italy, but I didn’t put the time in doing research on each city until I was en route to Roma. Then it dawned on me… oh my gosh, we are going to the Amalfi Coast! read more

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Little Red Dress







Bold! Bright! Chic! The little red dress is an overlooked wardrobe essential, in my opinion. Sometimes you want to stand out without the effort… which is where this little beauty comes in. I’ve had this dress for about a year now, and I’ve gotten so¬†much wear out of it!

Sure, an LBD or and LWD is a solid option, but why not try out a little dress in a brilliant red shade? I’ve worn this LRD to everything from Fourth of July to Athens, Greece, as seen here. If I’m being honest, which I always am with you guys, Athens was my least favorite stop of my entire trip. It was cool to see the Acropolis (although it was quite the hike,) but as a city, I felt it lacked identity. One area that I found quite cute was La Plage, which translates to marble. Aptly named because all of the tiny streets are made of gorgeous marble (pictured above.) read more

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