The Coolest, New Boots In My Closet


My favorite outfit combination has always been this: a long sleeve button up, a pleated mini skirt, some sort of awesome outerwear, and a great bootie. It’s one of my signatures because it never let’s me down. I’ve told you guys about my slight obsession with all things schoolgirl — like penny loafers, plaid pleated skirts, and oxfords.

This outfit is a nod to the prep school uniform, but updated with edgier accents. I swapped out pleats for leather, and loafers for the coolest, new shoes in my closet. They are by The Office of Angela Scott, and I cannot wait to wear them with everything. There is something about a white shoe that tickles my fancy, and I love that these have a cream / gray snakeskin print so they won’t get dirty as quickly as my other white shoes. read more

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