You’re a Stud

Stud Jacket Full Outfit










Calling all cool girls–this fall trend is for you! I’ve never shied away from grommets and this fall is no exception. But this season, they’re getting supersized. In fact, just about everything is more exaggerated this season… think bold, quirky prints; brilliant colors; and anything with an old-world feel. 

But back to grommets, this jacket from the Line and Dot has quickly become a favorite. I’ve gotten so many compliments in this jacket, I never want to take it off! Since we’re still in those wacky transitional months, I layered this topper over a white, mock neck top and black shorts.  read more

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Show a Little Midriff


Long, silky layers… can that be apart of every outfit? I wish. This navy, turtleneck top by H&M has to be one of the best H&M finds ever. I have gotten SO many compliments on it, and I love how a little sliver of skin peeks out from one side. Slouchy trousers with an elastic waist are a nice compliment to this top because they don’t allow the muffin top to happen – haha! Pretty crucial when you’re going to show this much midriff.

I seriously think this is the most midriff I’ve shown since the mid 2000s lolll. If you like this look, I’ve picked out some similar items to shop below! Including a prettty similar top that you might just want to purchase asap #justsaying. read more

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Mom Jeans (Can) Mean Business

mom 3

Yep, you heard that right – I’m styling up my favorite mom jeans for a day at the office! Now, let’s be clear, I have a creative work environment so I can get away with wearing just about anything I want to work. However, I think this outfit could easily work for a casual Friday outfit for those of you who have to get a bit more buttoned up for the office.

These 501 Levi’s have kind of changed my outlook on mom jeans all together. I haven’t had a lot of luck with fit in the past, but then, I found these guys and I’m in love! I’ve worn them several times before on the blog, including this ‘70s look which is one of my personal favorites. Aren’t they flattering? Turns out you don’t have to be a supermodel to pull off the look! read more

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Veda Suede Dress

suede 4

There is something so effortless  about a suede dress. It makes you feel cool (almost) instantly, and begs for another sartorial moment. In this case, I went for a white mock neck shirt and a great moto jacket. Usually, I have many words for my outfits, but this one came together almost seamlessly. I hope Santa treated you well, and if not, you should hit up the sales below on some of my favorite suede dresses right now! xx

suede 2

suede 3

Suede 1

suede 7

suede 5

suede 6

suede 9

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Metallic Stripes + Colorful Fur


I couldn’t help but feel cool in this outfit. There’s just something about a touch of (faux) fur that makes you feel like a badass. I’ve never been a bohemian dresser, but I do adore the ’70s and everything that decade has to offer for inspiration. For this look, I was channeling one of my favorites, Jane Birkin.

I have been wanting to try out metallic knits — I’ve seen them all over the place and I was eager to try and style one myself. I went with an overall ’70s vibe, so I decided to tuck my metallic stripe turtleneck into high waisted jeans. The rich colors in the top paired perfectly with my luxe purple fur vest, but it was too cold to wear the vest alone, so I layered a blazer on top. This is one of my go-to styling tricks! read more

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