With Love, From Chiang Mai



Chiang Mai Patara Elephant Farm




Chiang Mai Style

Hotel Rachamanka



Better late than never, right? I went to Thailand last November, but fell behind on doing posts for my travels. I took so many beautiful videos and photos, and had so many one-in-a-lifetime moments, that I felt not doing a post on it would be a missed opportunity. I put together a Bangkok travel diary and video, but stopped there. Chiang Mai was probably my favorite city that we visited in Thailand. Situated in the Northern part of the country, Chiang Mai is in the jungle and has unique food that differs from the beach coastal cities that typically come to mind when you think of Thailand.  read more

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Glamping at El Capitan Canyon

El Capitan Canyon Cabin - 2

El Capitan Canyon - Cabin

el capitan inside cabin

el capitan canyon cabin-4

el capitan canyon - tent

el capitan canyon- tent 2

el capitan canyon yurt

el capitan bridge

bill wallace trail el capitan canyon

bill wallace 2


el capitan state beach

tent pic 2

I have always wanted to try “glamping,” and no, I’m not kidding. Believe it or not, I’m quite the nature lover — I grew up going to Outdoor Education camp in middle school, where we did everything from kayaking and pitching tents down the Colorado River, to night snorkeling off of Catalina Island to see bioluminescent plankton. In fact, science, specifically biology, was always my favorite subject growing up, and today, I’m always down to explore new hikes around LA or do something fun and outdoorsy. read more

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Tulum Travel Diary

sunset 2

Finally made it to Tulum, Mexico! Also known as bohemian beach paradise. I have wanted to go to Tulum for a few years now, and we finally made it happen for Cassondra’s (belated) birthday. We spent 5 nights / 6 days in this gorgeous slice of paradise, and to be honest, it wasn’t enough… but it was the perfect appetizer for another trip South of the Border. I cannot wait to go back, but in the mean time, I’m going to share my Tulum travel diary and my VLOG!



We stayed at Papaya Playa Project, which is on the northern most tip of the main Tulum drag. I had heard great things about this place from a friend of mine who had her wedding there, and also saw it on this Who What Wear article, but it was even better than I expected. We had a “New Casita” on the beach with a gorgeous view of the ocean, a very spacious room and bathroom, and a rooftop area to enjoy the picturesque Caribbean coastline. Papaya Playa’s tagline is “a return to simplicity,” so they are very eco-conscious and minimal in aesthetic and design. Besides the fact that they don’t use straws, I really didn’t seem to notice or mind the minimalism. The hotel kind of feels like you are in a jungle, with narrow pathways that embrace the natural landscape. Breakfast was included, which is always nice, and it was actually quite delicious with an awesome view. I’m still craving fresh papaya juice 🙂 If I were to go again, I would definitely stay here! But here are some other hotels that piqued my interest… read more

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Holiday Plaid Coat

plaid coat 3

Bundled up for a (final) day of Christmas shopping! It is the last shopping day before Christmas (cue the song, did anyone else sing that in a holiday play growing up?) and I always find myself in the same predicament… 1 day and a bajillion gifts left to buy. You would think, since I basically live on the internet for both work and pleasure, I would burn through my gift list with a single swipe, but for some reason I tend to not like the things I order online for other people. Now, when it comes to myself, I can buy anything anywhere and love all of it. But for some reason, when it comes to my loved ones, I have a hard time shopping for them! read more

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Thai Travel Diary: Bangkok

BK 1

This look I wore day 2 in Bangkok. I’m wearing a black peasant blouse tucked into a vintage, patchwork skirt. It was so dang hot out, but since we were visiting temples, I had to have my legs and shoulders covered. A flowy skirt is always my go-to in this situation because it breathes. 

People always say that my spirit animal is Miss Frizzle from the Magic School Bus, and I think this outfit really exemplifies that. I bought this little brown TOPSHOP bag specifically for Thailand and it came in so handy! I used it all 12 days! But, I’m sad to report that I had to leave these platform espadrilles there because they got so gross walking around the city. Read more about my experience in Bangkok below!  read more

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