New Denim on Denim





Giving the good ‘ol chambray a break and opting for new ways to layer denim on denim. I’m really into transitional dressing at the moment because it inspires creativity within our closets, breathing new life and personality into pieces we wore all summer, or are about to wear all fall and winter. For me, fall ushers in a new wave of denim and layering. Raw edge denim is the look of the moment, and I took a frayed denim tank that I happily wore a few months ago and layered it on top of my current fave white button down from Uniqlo. read more

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Transitional Dressing, Part 1

Ah, the transitional months. The time where the weather can’t seem to make up it’s mind, and therefore, your wardrobe suffers. I love drumming up new ways to wear things, and these are the golden months that allow us to really push the fashion boundaries and experiment. For the first installment of my transitional dressing series, I’m focusing on the white maxi dress.

I decided to pull out a crazy printed sweater, suede heels, and a tan leather jacket. While it’s still warm, you can tie a sweater, or long sleeve button down, around your waist. This creates definition, and gives you something to throw on when it gets chilly. You can also bring along a leather jacket to wear, and just leave the sweater tied around your waist. Or, you could just wear the sweater, leave the jacket, and call it a day. The key here is to go with an oversized sweater and a more fitted maxi. I like the idea of going with a loud print! Because, why not, right? read more

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Mixing Black + Brown

suede 3

Sometimes, you just want to say suck it to “rules.” This outfit was inspired by one of those moments, when I saw a post online saying that black and brown were the two colors that should never be worn together.

First off, I disagree.

And second, there are way less appealing color combos… green and red? black and yellow? orange and black? Tons.. I actually quite fancy mixing browns and blacks, especially when there are contrasting textures. I always like the way leather and suede look together… must be something about the soft slick surface of the leather contrasted against the rugged suede. read more

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Girl meets grunge. I can’t get enough of plaid during the fall and winter, but I’ve been challenging myself to elevate the print beyond the basic flannel. I did a little print mixing the other day with a great plaid crop and plaid trousers. This go around, I’m breaking out one of my favorite skirts.

Remember those envelope Zara skirts that dominated the summer blog scene last year? This skirt is from the tail end of that area. I originally had this same skirt in black, white, and blue, but this is the only one I still have in my wardrobe. Perhaps, because it’s not a skort (the others were) and the wool fabric feels more luxe than the stretchy material the others were made of. read more

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California Cool







Good rule of thumb: if you go for a wild accessory, balance it out with basics. And I have two words for you: H&M Studio. The entire fall collection is beyond, and I have to say these patent booties might be the coolest pair of shoes in my entire wardrobe. I wore them first during fashion week, where I got so many compliments on them and made it into a few street style blogs, and for their California debut, I wore them out and about in Venice.

They’re crazy, pink, purple, and glittery… sounds like something out of Miley Cyrus’s playbook. And I’m feeling it! They are definitely a departure from my usual style, and I love it. Everything else I kept super simple, an easy white shirtdress, oversized denim jacket, pink shades and a navy purse! read more

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