All About Olive





I must admit, I’ve purposely shied away from wearing green hues ever since I dyed my hair bright red. Why? Like most, I try to stay away from color themes that drum up festive thoughts like orange and black, red and green, black and yellow, you get the picture. And while I’ve always had a thing for olive, I put my green envy to bed, favoring my bright red hair instead. 

Now I know what you might be thinking… redheads look great in green. This I know, but I personally think the shade of red + green has to be perfect in order to not look campy. And I’ve found, that when my hair is faded and I’m due for a color refresh, that’s the time when I look best in olive. read more

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Casual Friday

casual 2

Some days you just want to throw on your coziest clothes and call it a day. But recently, I’ve had a paradigm shift. Comfortable doesn’t have to equal sweats or workout clothes. In fact, I never realized how many cozy pieces I have in my closet until recently.

If you think about it, the act of putting on clothes, whether it’s an evening dress or gym clothes, is the exact same process. With the exception of things that are super tight or corseted, the very act of putting on clothes is almost the same across the board. So why, on our laziest days, do we get out of our sleeping wear and into loungewear, when we just as easily could have put on an outfit? read more

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Western Vintage

W 1

Just send me to a ranch in Minnesota and call me Ralph Lauren. I got this sweater from my mom years ago (so long ago, she doesn’t even remember having it or giving it to me lol.) There’s something about it that feels so Western meets Native American… perhaps it’s the unique color stripes, or the silver metal-fabric closures – regardless, I love it.

I’ve only styled this sweater with black in the past, so this time I chose a lightweight, camel (my fav) sweater from LOFT. Sometimes I like to let the print shine, but in this case, I wanted the sweater to contrast and stand out. Btw – my mom is part Native American, and she worked at a Western store in Pennsylvania years ago, so the sweater’s true identity lies somewhere within.  read more

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Down the Rabbit Hole









Tick tock! I instantly fell head-over-heels for this cheeky clock sweater. I’m kind of crazy when it comes to time. I absolutely hate being late, one of my biggest pet peeves. I’m also fascinated by the concept that time never stops… We can only move one direction, and that’s forward. The concept is simple, but there is so much more to it. Why can’t we travel backwards? It’s also crazy to think that even while you’re asleep/ not feeling well / no longer here, time goes on… (Not to be morbid or anything…) read more

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