An Ode to My Favorite Decade: ’60s

60s - 1

60s - 5

60s - 12

60s - 3

60s- 9

60s - 13

60s - 11

60s - 10

60s- 8

60s - 2

60s - 6

I’ve said it before and I will (happily) say it again – the 1960s are, without a doubt, my absolute favorite decade for fashion. I love the freedom of the era, as exemplified by the cool patterns, colors, and shapes found on clothing. The ’60s are one of the reasons I love to shop vintage – to snag that one piece that hails from the decade I wish I would have lived in (without being the age of the living through them, hah.) read more

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Raw Edge Hats and Perpetual June Gloom

blue printed dress straw hat 1

blue dress with hat 3

blue dress with hat 2

blue dress with hat 4

June gloom is in full effect,  but I’m not letting it stop me from wearing flirty summer dresses. Blue is the hue of the season, and I’m working it into my wardrobe with this printed powder blue dress.

A Venice beach day calls for an easy dress I can slip on and look polished. Currently (aka always) I’m into styling sweet pieces with items that have a bit more edge, so I added on a tiny string choker and a raw edge straw hat to made the outfit feel less prim and proper. Fact: this little string choker one served as the draw string closer to a fancy shoe bag, but it’s now living a second life as a key piece of jewelry currently in my rotation… after all, I’m all about a simple DIY at the end of the day.  read more

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Denim on Denim Redux

denim denim and white 1

denim denim white 2

denim denim and white 4

denim denim white 5

Trends come and go, but I think the button down skirt is here to stay for me. It’s funny how things go in and out of fashion. If you would have said to me 5 years ago I’d be slipping myself back into denim skirts in 2016, I would have said you were crazy. Low and behold: me, in a denim skirt, loving life.

Granted, this rendition is much more refined than the super short, frayed, Abercrombie and Fitch mini skirts of yesteryear. This style is undoubtedly ’60s and oh-so polished. I wanted to try giving the illusion of a denim, A-line dress, so I let a lighter chambray top hang out over the skirt instead of tucking it in. Cute right? It’s fun to experiment with different ways to wear pieces I’ve worn a million times! The rest of the outfit is pretty self explanatory. White accessories, because they are my favorite, and a pink scarf, because my scarf obsession is real, and a round of applause for kind of looking like a super casual flight attendant 🙂 read more

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I <3 Kimonos

Kimono Festival Season - 2016 -4

You guys – it’s almost Coachella! Here is what I wore last year to the festival,  I also put a few of my favorite things together over on OPI’s blog. Right now, I’m on a kimono kick. I love being enveloped in embellished, embroidered wraps all spring, and I think Coachella is the place to rock a really cool piece. 

Believe it or not, I snagged this awesome kimono at H&M. I love the way it pairs with high waisted Levi’s and a simple bra top. I will being wearing this outfit at Coachella, and beyond! read more

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Greetings From Roma






Roma, how I love thee. This was not my first time in this glorious city, but I fell much more in love with it this time around. We didn’t have to hit all of the touristy spots, so I felt like we really got a chance to explore the local areas like the Travestere and the Testaccio. It was sweltering hot, so my outfit options were limited. For a day of roaming in Rome, I went with my trusty high-waisted, light wash denim skirt by American Apparel. It’s a bit tight at the waist (maybe all the pasta I consumed on the trip,) so I selected a top that was cropped and looser. read more

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