Channeling Kardashian










I never thought the day would come, but I sort of feel like a Kardashian in this look! I’ve been wanting to try out the nude bodysuit trend for awhile, but was nervous it wouldn’t look good with my skin tone. I love when people with darker skin wear a nude bodysuit because the contrast of the light and dark nudes is really¬†nice. But with me… I match the body suit, aka I look naked. So it took me a minute to wear the trend. read more

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Pink Pink Baby







I’ve been a sucker for just about anything pink these days! And this light pink top is no exception — it’s just enough color to add intrigue without being over-the-top. Pink is having a moment in fashion, we’re seeing it on everything from accessories to evening gowns, and I’m totally down with the trend. I selected two pink pieces for this look — aforementioned light pink, mock neck tee, and a color blocked H&M scarf tied around the neck. read more

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Muted Stripes and Leopard

stripe ruffle dress 3

striped ruffle dress 5

stripe ruffle dress 4

stripe ruffle dress 2

stripe ruffle dress 1

Is there a better combo than stripes and cheetah? I have to admit, I’ve had this bag on repeat as of late, and I’m totally digging it. I go through patterns (pun intended) of being attached to animal prints, followed immediately by a disdain for them. I’m not sure what triggers the cycle, but I’m clearly in a cheetah phase right now, so expect to see this bad gal a few more times on the blog soon.

For this look, I went for a dressed up, daytime business casual look. Why, you might ask? I host a series at Soho House called Ladies Who Lunch, a series where I profile and interview successful women across all lifestyle categories. I’ve had some fascinating and inspiring guests so far, and I always want to look and feel the part when I step into the interviewer seat. For this particular series, I had the ladies behind Mane Addicts, an online hair magazine created by Jen Atkin. read more

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Obsession: Robe Coats





There is something so sexy about a robe coat or trench coat worn as a dress… I fell in love with this Line and Dot black coat the moment I laid eyes on it. I have worn it so many different ways, some of which I’ve shared on Instagram including; as a jacket over easy separates, with jeans, or even with a simple black slip dress.

Can you tell I’m obsessed? I literally haven’t taken this thing off, and the styling power is proving to withstand the 10+ wears I already have underneath my belt. I’m still not bored! For a new twist, I wore my robe coat as a dress. It’s the fine line where prep gets a little scandalous, and I love it. It cinches in the waist, creates¬†a feminine silhouette, and is so comfortable you feel like you have your bath robe on (oh wait, you basically do!) read more

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A New Way to Wear Denim on Denim

Denim 1

Denim 3

Denim 2

Denim 4

I’ve been a denim on denim junky for awhile, but I have to admit, I’ve been getting a bit tired of the good ‘ol jeans and chambray combo. Sure, it’s easy and never ceases to disappoint in the style department, but there are only so many times you can feel flossy (yes, I just used the term flossy, I’m trying to make it happen) in your go-to outfit.

Then, I came across this denim tent dress. It’s comfortable, perfect for twirling, and will hide any food baby – but, it cut my arms off in the most unfortunate spot, making me look a bit like a line backer. Needless to say, bare arms were not going to work, so I went back to the age old denim on denim styling trick, and the result I found fresh, inspiring, and right in-line with this season’s ’70s trend. read more

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