With Love, From Positano

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Is there a more beautiful place in the world? I’m starting to think not. Positano, Italy is one of those rare sites that dreams are made of. Funny story – I actually didn’t know we were stopping at Positano on my recent summer trip with my family. I knew we were heading to Naples, Italy, but I didn’t put the time in doing research on each city until I was en route to Roma. Then it dawned on me… oh my gosh, we are going to the Amalfi Coast! read more

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Transition Into Fall

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I am so ready for fall, but sadly, the weather doesn’t seem to want to let go of summer. The weather in LA has been so temperamental. I know I shouldn’t complain, but the super hot temperatures are preventing me from diving into yummy, new fall clothes.

The transitional months, for me, are the most fun. I get to experiment and mix summer styles with fall favorites, like boyfriend jeans and leather jackets. I’m always a fan of a baby doll top moment (perhaps it’s the secret spice girl inside of me) so I was eager to style this dainty, cream, spaghetti strap top with some of my fall attire. Enter, the slim fit boyfriend jean. These have quickly become my favorite denim because they’re comfortable and look good with everything. read more

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The Perfect Summer Outfit






Gosh I love a jumpsuit! They are so dang easy – and they can look really stylish if styled correctly. This black, silk jumpsuit is one of my favorites in my closet because it’s super basic and can be dressed up or down.

This outfit is all about surviving a hot summer night. It has been out of control hot and humid in Los Angeles, so I’ve been reaching for my lightest, airiest pieces to get me through the sweltering days and nights!

I’ve been on an “explore Los Angeles kick” and have had a blast doing it with my photographer, Elaine Torres. Fun fact: I lived in downtown LA for 4 years in college while going to U.S.C., and, let me tell you, the downtown I remember is NOTHING like the downtown today. We spent an afternoon in the Arts District, and even stumbled across the famous Instagram wings! read more

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I know, I know –– you’ve seen this wall a bajillion times! I think the first time I saw this wall on Instagram was on mega-blogger extraordinaire and, now friend, Aimee Song from Song of Style’s feed. I remember thinking to myself, if I had a blog I would love to shoot there. Honestly, I never thought I would have a blog, but now I do (and I’m having a blast doing it by the way) so I figured, it was time to shoot in front of the instamous Paul Smith wall. Instamous – great word huh? I hope it catches on and doesn’t die a sad death like “fetch.” read more

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