Hats + Stripes Addict






One of my favorite things about LA in the summer time is all of the outdoor music opportunities. You’ve got the Hollywood Bowl, Barnsdall park, jazz night at LACMA, and tons of outdoor flea markets and fairs. But what to wear to all of these awesome outdoor activities? Personally, I don’t really care to sit in jeans for long periods of time, especially when you’re sitting on the ground. I prefer dresses that are long enough so you can cross your legs and not show anything. read more

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Paint the Town Orange





I’ve been wanting to wear this full on orange look for awhile, but hadn’t quite found the right occasion. And then it came to me… Elaine Torres, my photographer, and I had been wanting to shoot some outfits at LACMA, and this was the first look that came to mind – it’s bold, quirky, and great for an evening of art and inspiration. I love art – in fact, I’ve written a few posts about my museum visits to Keith Haring and the Annenburg Space for Photography. And I like my outfits to be as eccentric as the exhibits I’m attending, make this orange fringe number the perfect choice! Also, it’s my second foray into the fringe trend, and I clearly have a thing for fringe skirts because I keep gravitating towards them! read more

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A New Way to Wear Denim on Denim

Denim 1

Denim 3

Denim 2

Denim 4

I’ve been a denim on denim junky for awhile, but I have to admit, I’ve been getting a bit tired of the good ‘ol jeans and chambray combo. Sure, it’s easy and never ceases to disappoint in the style department, but there are only so many times you can feel flossy (yes, I just used the term flossy, I’m trying to make it happen) in your go-to outfit.

Then, I came across this denim tent dress. It’s comfortable, perfect for twirling, and will hide any food baby – but, it cut my arms off in the most unfortunate spot, making me look a bit like a line backer. Needless to say, bare arms were not going to work, so I went back to the age old denim on denim styling trick, and the result I found fresh, inspiring, and right in-line with this season’s ’70s trend. read more

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Black Boudoir





It’s a very rare occasion when I dress “sexy.” In fact, it really never happens. But, there is something slightly alluring about an LBD so delicate and slinky, it could be mistaken for a neglige. One of the most fun parts about fashion, for me, is exploring different sides of my personality. Case in point, this all black boudoir look. As I was getting dressed, I knew I wanted to take my vintage Chanel bag out for the night, so I wanted an outfit that created a nice backdrop for the main attraction. read more

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Bates Motel Blues

BLue 4

Blue 2


Blue 1

Suits always feel like second skin to me. I’m a sucker for a good button-up, a well-fit blazer, and loose trousers. I grew up going to a private school from kindergarten until eighth grade, and we were required to wear a rotation of oxford shirts, polos, trousers, pleated skirts, ties and v-neck wool sweaters, and even though I was ecstatic when I got to start wearing my own clothes in high school, the prep school uniform still gave me a sense of security and nostalgia. read more

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