Western Feels

Western LBD 2

Western LBD 8

western LBD 9

Western LBD 5

western LBD 1

Western LBD 7

Western LBD 4-1

I’ve been really into Western vibes lately. I know we associate bandanas with Western because of cowboys and old movies, but I’ve been digging a bit deeper. I’ve been on the hunt for awesome turquoise brooches, bolero ties, and anything old and silver that I can get my hands on. This vintage neck scarf I picked up at the Melrose Fairfax Trading Post flea market the other week, and I’m obsessed. I’ve been wearing regular bandanas for awhile – you know, the kind you order off of Amazon for super cheap. But this one feels soft and worn in, like a really worn in cotton band tee. It’s (allegedly) from India, and I can’t wait to find more like this. read more

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Raw Edge Hats and Perpetual June Gloom

blue printed dress straw hat 1

blue dress with hat 3

blue dress with hat 2

blue dress with hat 4

June gloom is in full effect,  but I’m not letting it stop me from wearing flirty summer dresses. Blue is the hue of the season, and I’m working it into my wardrobe with this printed powder blue dress.

A Venice beach day calls for an easy dress I can slip on and look polished. Currently (aka always) I’m into styling sweet pieces with items that have a bit more edge, so I added on a tiny string choker and a raw edge straw hat to made the outfit feel less prim and proper. Fact: this little string choker one served as the draw string closer to a fancy shoe bag, but it’s now living a second life as a key piece of jewelry currently in my rotation… after all, I’m all about a simple DIY at the end of the day.  read more

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Rainbow Stripes For PRIDE

Rainbow separates for pride 1

rainbow pride separates 3

rainbow separates for pride 5

rainbow separates for pride 2

rainbow separates for pride 4

Could I have found a better outfit to kick off PRIDE weekend? I have to say, LA PRIDE is one of the most fun times to be in West Hollywood. People from all over the world flock to the streets of Santa Monica and Robertson for a celebratory filled weekend filled with friends, love and fun.

I decided to start off the 3-day weekend with… rainbow separates. Now rainbows, while ridiculously perfect for Pride, are also incredibly on trend this season. I was particularly fond of Chloe’s Spring 2016 runway, which was filled with gorgeous, colorful, bohemian separates… I’d love to get my hands on one of the rainbow tassel bags! But I have too much stuff (still) to buy for the house (sigh.) A last, I found a way to incorporate the trend without breaking the bank — this floaty rainbow set from H&M! And, I even snuck in a little extra rainbow with my the SAK bag. read more

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Denim on Denim Redux

denim denim and white 1

denim denim white 2

denim denim and white 4

denim denim white 5

Trends come and go, but I think the button down skirt is here to stay for me. It’s funny how things go in and out of fashion. If you would have said to me 5 years ago I’d be slipping myself back into denim skirts in 2016, I would have said you were crazy. Low and behold: me, in a denim skirt, loving life.

Granted, this rendition is much more refined than the super short, frayed, Abercrombie and Fitch mini skirts of yesteryear. This style is undoubtedly ’60s and oh-so polished. I wanted to try giving the illusion of a denim, A-line dress, so I let a lighter chambray top hang out over the skirt instead of tucking it in. Cute right? It’s fun to experiment with different ways to wear pieces I’ve worn a million times! The rest of the outfit is pretty self explanatory. White accessories, because they are my favorite, and a pink scarf, because my scarf obsession is real, and a round of applause for kind of looking like a super casual flight attendant 🙂 read more

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Muted Stripes and Leopard

stripe ruffle dress 3

striped ruffle dress 5

stripe ruffle dress 4

stripe ruffle dress 2

stripe ruffle dress 1

Is there a better combo than stripes and cheetah? I have to admit, I’ve had this bag on repeat as of late, and I’m totally digging it. I go through patterns (pun intended) of being attached to animal prints, followed immediately by a disdain for them. I’m not sure what triggers the cycle, but I’m clearly in a cheetah phase right now, so expect to see this bad gal a few more times on the blog soon.

For this look, I went for a dressed up, daytime business casual look. Why, you might ask? I host a series at Soho House called Ladies Who Lunch, a series where I profile and interview successful women across all lifestyle categories. I’ve had some fascinating and inspiring guests so far, and I always want to look and feel the part when I step into the interviewer seat. For this particular series, I had the ladies behind Mane Addicts, an online hair magazine created by Jen Atkin. read more

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