Hi, Hey–These Shoes Will Make Your Day

Summer Suiting Pink Blazer Red Head

Summer Suiting Pink Blazer Navy Trousers Hi Hey Shoes Soludos

Summer Suiting pink blazer red hair white button down street style

Hi Hey Soludos Sneakers

Summer suiting allison mcnamara red head cool girl street style

Easy summer suiting pink blazer navy trousers

Easy Summer suiting

Red hair pink blazer

Summer suiting

Summer suiting red hair street style summer fashion

How sweet are these cheeky Soludos sneakers? They are from a collaboration where graphic designer Ashkahn designed a capsule collection for the brand, and I actually got to meet him and talk to him about it. You really can’t help but feel good when wearing these sneakers, right? Snag a pair for yourself right here!

Today’s look is all about summer suiting and millennial pink. I’ve always loved a good suit moment, and summer is the perfect time to play with different color and texture. This pink suit by Smythe is a fave of mine, especially because the preppy pink is juxtaposed with navy sporty stripes down the arms. Playing off the stripes,  I went with navy trousers, cuffed up, and a laid-back white button down from UNIQLO. When choosing summer suiting, you need pieces that look effortless and that breathe–there’s no where I wouldn’t go in this outfit.

Jacket by Smythe, similar jacket here and here

Trousers by TOPSHOP


Shoes by Soludos

Watch by Nixon

Sunglasses by Rayban

Photos by Elaine Torres


White Shirt Redux

white shirt redux blazer shorts suit

white shirt redux white oxford with stripe top blazer and shorts with loafers on blogger Allison McNamara


white shirt redux stripe top blazer shorts suit redhead Fashion Blogger Allison McNamara

white shirt redux black blazer shorts suit redhead fashion blogger Allison McNamara

white shirt redux red head fashion blogger Allison McNamara

white shirt redux redhead fashion blogger Allison McNamara


One of the trends I really love for spring and summer is the creative reinvention of the white button down. Or as the fashion set is calling it, the white shirt redux. For quick clarification–redux means “brought back or revival.” Now I’m not saying that white shirts ever really went anywhere, but I predict we’ll be seeing white shirts worn in a variety of new ways and morphed into unique shapes and silhouettes. You guys know by now that button ups are a staple of mine, and I’m always up for a styling challenge… especially if it involves reinventing a classic!

Designers showed button downs redone in a variety of shapes and styles, showing everything from ruffles to slashes! I got creative with one of my simple white shirts by layering it underneath an old halter top of mine. At first, I had it fully buttoned underneath the halter, but then started futzing with it and somehow ended up with this peekaboo effect that I kind of love!

In order to make this look (semi) work appropriate, I went with a mismatched shorts suit and patent loafers. Also, would you believe me if I told you I got this blue striped halter top 10 years ago when I was an intern at Rebecca Taylor?? This is why I have such a hard time getting rid of clothes!

Would you recreate this look? How do you feel about the white shirt redux trend? Let me know in the comments!

Halter Top | Rebecca Taylor    White Top | Mother    Blazer | H&M    Shorts | Monika Chang   Loafers | Zara    Bag | Mulberry   Glasses | Etnia Barcelona   Photos | Elaine Torres



The Power of a Red Suit

Red lipstick red blazer and red hair


A lesson on how to stand out in a daring red suit, take a look!

Red vintage suit with Gucci loafers and Gucci bag

Red suit and red hair red blazer sunglasses

Allison McNamara wearing red suit with vintage blazer and ray ban sunglasses

Matching red suit with blazer and trousers

Red suit vintage with Gucci bag and loafers

Red suit with blazer and trousers and white tee

Like Realizing Stuff Kylie Jenner The Kylie Shop Tee with red suit

Vintage red suit on Allison McNamara with red hair

Red suit with Gucci accessories

I am all about a powerful, red suit these days, no matter what the occasion. A red suit is the perfect way to stand out at a business meeting or at an industry event, and shows that you have confidence. And…who doesn’t want to stand out in a crowd? This red blazer jacket is vintage from my mother, and I like the militant details… like the gold buttons and the stiff mini collar. The jacket and pants don’t actually go together, but they sure look like they do! Together they create the perfect, cherry red suit. I’m all about creating my own suiting by pairing different blazers and trousers together because they’re unique and one-of-a-kind. 

But TBH, this look was really about the Gucci. All the Gucci. I have had my eye on these Gucci Jordaan loafers for awhile, and they finally had them back in stock last January and I had to get them.   They are an invest piece and I know I will be wearing these gorgeous loafers on repeat. And, I decided to have a full Gucci moment by pairing them with my vintage Gucci Boston bag. The only thing that would have made this look better would have been the Gucci tee, but this “Like, Realizing Stuff” t-shirt from The Kylie Shop isn’t a bad alternative. Like what you see? Get shopping my curated picks below. And as always, leave me a comment–I love hearing from you! xx

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Ruffle Suiting

suiting 3

suiting 2

ruffle suit 1

ruffle suting 6

ruflle suting 7

Just when I thought I couldn’t love ruffles anymore, these gorgeous pants came into my life! Earlier this week I doubled up on ruffles, and I’m doing it again! This time, by way of the cutest pants ever by Elizabeth and James. The second I put these on, I was in love. First off, they are so flattering! The oversized ruffle hem makes the leg look long and slim, and of course, they’re black so that helps too. They also cut off riiight above the ankle, which shows off the smallest part of the leg – brilliant. 

I decided to go for a full suiting moment, wearing the long black matching vest. In the back, this vest has a gorgeous sheer layer that just floats along like a mini chiffon trail of goodness. I also decided to go without a shirt, letting the suit have a strong, sexy moment on it’s own. The key to nailing a look like this is to make sure the vest is long enough, so it hits the thigh at a flattering spot. 

Orange lipstick is a favorite of mine, and an obvious choice to finish off my full look! You’d be silly NOT buying these pants, so to make it easy, I put them down below! Do you love? Let me know in the comments! xx

Vest and Pants | Elizabeth and James    Bra | Victoria’s Secret    Shoes | Shoe Dazzle   Photos | Elaine Torres


Rainbow Bright

bright blue suit rainbow scarf 3

bright blue suit raindbow scarf 1

bright blue suit rainbow scarf 2

bright blue suit rainbow scarf 4

bright blue suit rainbow scarf beauty

bright blue suit rainbow scarf 8

bright blue suit rainbow scarf 7

bright blue suit rainbow scarf 6

I have been traveling so much lately – both for work and pleasure – and find myself drawing inspiration from all of the places I’ve visited. Most recently, I hosted the ULTA beauty convention in Orlando, Florida, which was one of the craziest things I’ve ever done! My duties as emcee for ULTA included getting up on a ginormous stage about 8 times a day to entertain the 2,600 person audience… not an easy fete, especially when the crowd is comprised mainly of women. Even though I was a bit nervous, it was such a cool and rewarding experience, and it seemed like everyone enjoyed my half-funny jokes 😉 As a TV host, I’ve done shows like ABC’s On the Red Carpet at the Oscars or the TODAY Show where millions of people are watching… but you don’t see all of those people staring right back at you! Which is why hosting a live, in-person event was one of the toughest things I’ve done to date! But of course, I’m so glad I did it. 

Anyway, you’re probably wondering what that has to do with this outfit. Well, I wore this suit, sans scarf and bra (I wore a t-shirt underneath,) at the ULTA convention, and this was the ONE outfit I got mediocre feedback on. After the show was done for the night, I got stopped by countless ULTA employees saying “they love me, but it looked like I was wearing pajamas…” blah, blah, blah. Clearly, I don’t care – I actually really love this suit. So much so, that I decided to wear it again. I picked up this suit in the first place because it felt very Florida to me. Like, Patti Smith goes to Palm Beach ? Something about the color felt very Miami to me. And when I got back home, I decided to push the look a step further with a psychedelic, rainbow neck scarf and an exposed boudoir moment. 

Also, I’d like to note that I haven’t taken these Perverse sunglasses off. I think they might be my favorite glasses ever. If what I do for a living interests you, you should follow me on snapchat and instagram @allisonmcnamara. This week, I will be shooting videos for Refinery29 and heading to the Indie Beauty Expo.

What do you think of this look? Are you team ULTA employees or team me 😉 ? If you like this look and feel inclined to buy it, I’ve put together a little gallery below! xx

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