Black and Blue

navy 4

I don’t care what anyone says – I love navy and black together! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… it’s sooo chic! The flowers are blooming all over LA and the weather is finally starting to warm up, which means it’s time to show some leg and bust out the mini skirts!

My little sister got me this awesome black leather mini skirt from All Saints for Christmas. I think the fit is so flattering, and I like the wrap around belts at the waist! I like the mix of silk and leather – two luxe fabrics that always seem to compliment each other so well.  read more

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Wear Pajamas To Dinner

pj 6

Because… why not? After all, Grace Coddington wore them to the Met Gala, so I should be able to pull them off for a dinner in the neighborhood, right? Well, I sure think so. And, I am a huge advocate of this trend for a few reasons. For starters, I adore silk. I sleep in silk pjs, and would probably have silk sheets if it weren’t so creepy and 50 Shades of Grey– esque. However, I am considering getting a silk pillow case because it is supposed to be much better for your hair and skin… Anyway, I love just about everything silk, and a slinky, silk shirt is no exception, especially one with a deep v like this striped one I’ve got on by Rachel Zoe. read more

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Denim + Denim + Denim = …

denim 1

So… I went for it! This is my (hopefully chic) take on Britney and Justin circa the 2001 American Music Awards, only – less embarrassing and more wearable. I’ve never worn 3 pieces of denim together and I figured I’d test it out. (Note: I originally had on a black leather moto on, but then was like f**k it I’m wearing the denim jacket too.)

The most important thing when you’re mixing denims is the color story. All the different pieces need to flow together. The jacket and jeans are in similar washes, creating a modern Canadian tuxedo if you will, and the darker chambray provides a subtle amount of contrast. I don’t typically like super jarring denim combos, a small color change is just enough to add intrigue. read more

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Styling Jumpsuits For Work

work 4

Let’s talk about one of my top styling tricks… making the sexy nighttime jumpsuit work appropriate. I’m all about maximizing great pieces in my wardrobe and I strongly believe that every woman should have a go-to black jumpsuit that’s flattering and versatile. I wore this DVF jumpsuit to my friend’s birthday sans sweater and fitted blazer, showing a little extra skin in the chest region. Now,  no one wants to risk a nip slip at work, save that for the dance floor, people (JK nip slips are never cute, invest in some double stick tape, will ya?) So, the key is layers. read more

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All About Neck Scarves

PINK 1-2

PINk 3

PINK 4 -4

PINK 5-5

PINK 2-2

Why are neck scarves so chic? Perhaps it’s the Hermes effect. When I think of neck scarves, my mind instantly goes to Devil Wears Prada and Miranda Priestley’s obsession with Hermes scarves. I also have several incredibly fashionable friends that follow the same rule, so there must be something to it… right?

The problem with me is that I admire lots of people’s fashion “isms,” but I always forget to try them out myself. Case in point, my mother endowed me with quite a spectacular collection of neck scarves in varying colors and patterns, but when I’m getting dressed for the day, I always overlook them. This happens to me a lot, partly because I have way too much shit in my closet, which is why I’m doing the #CleanClosetChallenge on YouTube, and also due in part to the fact that I just don’t give myself enough time to get ready in the morning. I’m trying to get better about it. read more

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