Shop These Military Jackets For Spring

Spring Military Jackets Trend

Spring Military Jackets Mini Skirt Stripe Top Red Head Fashion Blogger Spring Style

Spring Military Jackets Trend Skirt and Stripe Top

Spring Military Jackets Trend Natural Makeup Stripe Top Military Jacket

Spring Military Jackets Stripe Top Mini Skirt Military Jackets Trend

I’ve always had a soft spot for the military trend. I adore the structure and status of a military jacket–clean, tailored lines, shiny gold buttons, and if you’re lucky, a shoulder pad. There’s something so undeniably chic about the military trend, which is why I am so excited to shop spring military jackets right now. Sure, you can wear them with a basic tee and jeans, but I like to get crafty with them. Recently, I styled this vintage military blazer with a lace dress and tights for an irreverent, British vibe. This go around, I made my look more spring with a long, stripe blouse (worn here) over a mini skirt with Chelsea boots. The result is this perfect hybrid of militant, school girl chic with a dash of elegance via sleek accessories. Long shirts with barely there skirts add an unexpected twist to the classic military blazer and pant uniform, don’t you think? I can’t wait to add even more spring military jackets to my wardrobe, which is why I’ve rounded up my favorites for you to shop below! read more

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Layer a Crop Top Over a Button Down

How to Layer Crop Top Over Button Down

Layer a black crop top over striped button down

Layer a crop top over button down with leather jacket

How to Layer a Crop Top Over Button Down with peg leg jeans and vintage Gucci

Crop top over button down with leather jacket

Crop top over button down with raw hem jeans

Black crop top over button down with stripes

Proportion and layers leather jacket and crop top over button down


I’ve been really into layering unexpected pieces in my wardrobe, like putting a summer crop top over a button down. I’m currently digging crop tops and tanks layered over billowy blouses and button ups. The beauty of paring something cropped over something long, is that it creates a (false) illusion of length–which is great for someone who is short like me. Who knew a crop top over a button down could make me look and feel like Gisele?

As you know, I have a penchant for vintage. Most of my closet–and my favorite pieces–are vintage, including this blue and white stripe top from Neiman Marcus. It even has that super old school NM tag! What’s beautiful about this top is the movement. The top is actually separated into panels, with major slits on both sides, that creates a liquid-like movement when I walk. I layered a loose, black, cropped tank over it, and voila, instant length.  read more

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Velvet. Leopard. Blazer









There are few fashion items that bring me as much joy as a great vintage find. This leopard coat is one that tops my list. I forget where I got it. I’ve had it for quite awhile, and wear it from time to time, usually with basics. But this go around, I wanted to make a statement. So, I paired it with a navy and teal striped shirt, flared jeans and a burgundy pom pom. Not going to lie–I kind of feel like Hugh Hefner in this get-up.

Velvet is clearly a huge fabric for fall and winter, so expect to see lots more coming up on my blog here shortly! And to shop this outfit, take a look at the gallery below. Don’t forget to leave me a comment! read more

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Must Have: Metallic Slippers








Keeping things uber casual today. I’m still all about those ruffles–even in itty bitty form as seen here on the collar of this H&M striped top. For this look, I went with easy, high-waisted jeans, a striped top and a leather moto… aka basics. The intrigue comes with the accessories. How unique are these gold slippers? I almost feel like a genie! They have the tiniest of kitten heels which makes them super comfy too. This vintage gucci bag has been in constant rotation as of late, and i like the way the gold heels and gucci print play off of each other. Shop my entire look below! And leave me a comment because I love hearing from you guys! read more

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All About Olive





I must admit, I’ve purposely shied away from wearing green hues ever since I dyed my hair bright red. Why? Like most, I try to stay away from color themes that drum up festive thoughts like orange and black, red and green, black and yellow, you get the picture. And while I’ve always had a thing for olive, I put my green envy to bed, favoring my bright red hair instead. 

Now I know what you might be thinking… redheads look great in green. This I know, but I personally think the shade of red + green has to be perfect in order to not look campy. And I’ve found, that when my hair is faded and I’m due for a color refresh, that’s the time when I look best in olive. read more

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