Exposed Fishnets Underneath Ripped Jeans

Exposed fishnets Trend Ripped Jeans White Jeans Beret Blazer Boots Allison McNamara

Exposed Fishnets Trend Ripped Jeans Trend White Jeans Beret Allison McNamara fashion blogger

Exposed Fishnets Ripped Jeans White Jeans Beret Blazer Allison McNamara

Exposed Fishnets Ripped Jeans Exposed Trend White Beret Allison McNamara

Exposed Fishnets Ripped Jeans White Jeans Ripped Beret Allison McNamara

Exposed Fishnets Ripped Jeans

The fishnets trend has taken over, and one of my favorite ways to wear the look is layering them underneath a pair of ripped jeans. I love exposed fishnets ripped jeans and like how the fishnets peek out at the knees and the thighs, and are exposed a tiny bit at the waist. If you would have told me I would be wearing fishnets hanging out from my jeans  last year, I wouldn’t have believed it! But there is something so fun and undeniably punk about wearing fishnets ripped jeans, skirts, tights… and they look irreverent and cool. read more

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Pink Pink Baby







I’ve been a sucker for just about anything pink these days! And this light pink top is no exception — it’s just enough color to add intrigue without being over-the-top. Pink is having a moment in fashion, we’re seeing it on everything from accessories to evening gowns, and I’m totally down with the trend. I selected two pink pieces for this look — aforementioned light pink, mock neck tee, and a color blocked H&M scarf tied around the neck. read more

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Muted Stripes and Leopard

stripe ruffle dress 3

striped ruffle dress 5

stripe ruffle dress 4

stripe ruffle dress 2

stripe ruffle dress 1

Is there a better combo than stripes and cheetah? I have to admit, I’ve had this bag on repeat as of late, and I’m totally digging it. I go through patterns (pun intended) of being attached to animal prints, followed immediately by a disdain for them. I’m not sure what triggers the cycle, but I’m clearly in a cheetah phase right now, so expect to see this bad gal a few more times on the blog soon.

For this look, I went for a dressed up, daytime business casual look. Why, you might ask? I host a series at Soho House called Ladies Who Lunch, a series where I profile and interview successful women across all lifestyle categories. I’ve had some fascinating and inspiring guests so far, and I always want to look and feel the part when I step into the interviewer seat. For this particular series, I had the ladies behind Mane Addicts, an online hair magazine created by Jen Atkin. read more

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Ruffle Suiting

suiting 3

suiting 2

ruffle suit 1

ruffle suting 6

ruflle suting 7

Just when I thought I couldn’t love ruffles anymore, these gorgeous pants came into my life! Earlier this week I doubled up on ruffles, and I’m doing it again! This time, by way of the cutest pants ever by Elizabeth and James. The second I put these on, I was in love. First off, they are so flattering! The oversized ruffle hem makes the leg look long and slim, and of course, they’re black so that helps too. They also cut off riiight above the ankle, which shows off the smallest part of the leg – brilliant.  read more

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Mixing Metallics

full metallic jacket boyfriend jeans reflective sunglasses 1

Why wear one metallic when you can wear many? That was definitely my mantra with this outfit. I recently got these fun, super reflective, mirror sunglasses from an event at Wetherly PR, and I haven’t taken them off since!

I actually was kind of getting over mirrored sunglasses… and then I got these guys! I was inspired by how silver they are, so I went with my flashiest, metallic pieces in my closet.

Enter: this metallic Zara blazer. This was one of my first Zara purchases years ago, and I remember wearing it to dinner with a friend and getting SO many compliments on it. I remember how cool this jacket made me feel — and I still got the same feeling this time around. Don’t you love pieces like that? That’s one (of the many) reasons that I love fashion – you can associate clothing with feelings and memories.  read more

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