Live In Color

teal blazer orange skirt white top

full body orange skirt teal blazer spring style

orange skirt white top blue jacket_1

beauty shot teal blazer orange skirt

orange skirt twirling fringe

Life gets a little bit brighter when you decide to live it in color. Sounds simple, I know – but I’ve been challenging myself to have more fun with my closet and the outcome has me noticing more than just brighter skirts and pretty prints in photos. There is something to be said when it comes to your clothes affecting your mood. And in a time when neutral, white drenched photos appear to be the social rage, it’s easy to loose your sartorial personality and perspective. read more

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Spring Florals

Spring floral dress 1

Spring floral dress 5

Spring floral dress 2

Spring floral dress 4

Spring is by far my favorite time of the year! For one, it’s my birthday (it already passed earlier in April.) And two, the world is in bloom. I love walking around my neighborhood and looking at all the different plants showing off — there are so many gorgeous flowers everywhere you turn!

This dress was just screaming for a nature shot. It’s by Walter, and I actually bought this dress back in high school (I’m shocked it still fits!) Weirdly enough, I never wore it until now — and for some reason, I never got rid of it. I’ve almost gotten rid of it about 15 times, but I paid a pretty penny for it (about $250 back in 2006 — which was a lot for a dress then!) so I always felt guilty tossing it because I shelled out so much for it in high school.  read more

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Vintage Gucci

trench coat work look navy trousers 2

I thank my lucky stars all the time that my mom saved so many awesome vintage pieces for my sister and I. When it comes to fashion, shopping vintage is one of the things that gives me the greatest pleasure. And you know what’s even better than scoring a great vintage find? Getting an amazing vintage piece WITHOUT the hunt. So, thanks mom!

Gucci is dominating spring and summer — you can’t scroll through Instagram without seeing the signature Gucci print somewhere, which is why I begged my mom to turn over this vintage Gucci bowler from the ’80s. I’ve had my eye on this bag for awhile, and even got the inside reupholstered in college when my mom let me  borrow it! The bag and shoes here are the main focus (the shoes are vintage from my mom as well,) so everything else is simple and classic, perfect for a crisp spring day at the office! read more

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Burnt Orange Boho

orango boho dress with bell sleeves 1

Feeling a little boho today! I recently became obsessed with this burnt orange / brown color… I love the way it compliments my hair! I think I could live in this dress from SheIn all spring. It’s light, floaty and I really adore the bell sleeves, they add a nice little ’70s touch. You should definitely head on over to SheIn to check out this dress and the other great product that they have on their site, because you get 40% off your first order plus free standard shipping!

Typically I’m not a fan of orange and back together, but I made an exception for this outfit and decided to wear my favorite black, lace up ballet flats. Also, I haven’t really taken off my new Sincerely Jules x Lionette lariat necklace, and I felt like this button-front neckline was a nice way to let the necklace have a moment. read more

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Newsboy Cap

white dress newsboy hate full_1

I’ve secretly been wanting to try out a newsboy cap for a few years now, while simultaneously kind of hating on them with a burning passion. I’ve seen a few of my friends wearing them here and there (on Instagram, of course) and have had this urge to give them a shot, because when worn correctly, they can actually look pretty rad.

I’m totally subjecting myself to your opinion here – did I pull it off? I actually love it. I decided to pair my newsboy cap — which I purchased on Amazon btw — with a white, airy short sleeve dress, loafer sandal hybrids, and a dainty little choker. I feel like the problem(s — yes, there are many) a lot of people run into with styling newsboy caps are either 1) they look like a conductor  2) they style them too masculine   or 3) they just DGI all together. The worst is seeing a guy rock one of these poorly, sorry boys. And for those of you who don’t know what DGI means… because why would you… it stands for “doesn’t get it.” read more

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