Sporty Spice and Feelin’ Nice

Fishnets Under Pants Allison McNamara red head fashion blogger

Fishnets Under Pants Exposed Fishnets Trend Leather Jacket Allison McNamara fashion blogger

Fishnets Under Pants Leather Jacket Cool Street Style Allison McNamara fashion blogger

Fishnets Under Pants Sitting Allison McNamara Street Style Fashion Blogger

Fishnets Under Pants Leather Jacket Street Style Blogger Red Head Allison McNamara

I know, I know–fishnets are everywhere. And I’ll be honest, they’re getting a tad overplayed. But, I shot this look back in February and didn’t have time to blog about it until now. While I am growing tired of fishies under jeans (unless they’re supper baggie tattered jeans) I’m still feeling fishnets under pants in the form of sporty slacks, tuxedo trousers and joggers. It’s this unique balance of spray and trashy / sexy that seems to work well together. 

This look is a combination of all things that I love–it’s comfortable, it’s cool, and you can really go anywhere in it. I think I actually wore this look on Super Bowl Sunday. . . 

Another thing I’ve been digging as of late is the unbuttoned button down, buttoning only the top two and letting the rest of the shirt billow free. There’s something about a peek of midriff that feminizes the outfit. It also shows off the exposed band of the fishnets, which is a fun little surprise. 

On a different note, I hope you all have been following my travels over on my Instagram! In the past two months I’ve visited NYC, London, Cuba, Dubai, Santa Barbara and Palm Springs for Coachella. To say it’s been a whirlwind is an understatement, but I’ve also grown behind on my blogging. It’s also pushed me to really evaluate what I like creating and what you guys like reading. Are you still into seeing outfit posts? Or do you enjoy areas like beauty or travel more? Or perhaps, just more of a mix? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Top by All Saints, similar one here by Equipment

Bra by Calvin Klein

Trousers by Joie

Fishnets by Nordstrom

Shoes by Rag and Bone (on sale!)

Jacket by Rebecca Minkoff

Photos by Elaine Torres


Exposed Fishnets Underneath Ripped Jeans

Exposed fishnets Trend Ripped Jeans White Jeans Beret Blazer Boots Allison McNamara

Exposed Fishnets Trend Ripped Jeans Trend White Jeans Beret Allison McNamara fashion blogger

Exposed Fishnets Ripped Jeans White Jeans Beret Blazer Allison McNamara

Exposed Fishnets Ripped Jeans Exposed Trend White Beret Allison McNamara

Exposed Fishnets Ripped Jeans White Jeans Ripped Beret Allison McNamara

Exposed Fishnets Ripped Jeans

The fishnets trend has taken over, and one of my favorite ways to wear the look is layering them underneath a pair of ripped jeans. I love exposed fishnets ripped jeans and like how the fishnets peek out at the knees and the thighs, and are exposed a tiny bit at the waist. If you would have told me I would be wearing fishnets hanging out from my jeans  last year, I wouldn’t have believed it! But there is something so fun and undeniably punk about wearing fishnets ripped jeans, skirts, tights… and they look irreverent and cool.

The thing I like about this outfit is the balance. The bottom has attitude while the top exudes polish by way of a beret and blazer. Sporty-meets-spice-meets a little bit of downtown–throw in a French flag and you’ve got the whole look. Like what you see? Let me know below and shop my exposed fishnets under jeans look in the gallery!

My Love Affair With Spring Turtlenecks

Look 1 - 1

Look 2

IMG_6805 (1)

The weather has been so odd in LA. I blame global warming, but I will confess, I love a good rainy day. I live in a beautiful part of the city where there is tons of greenery and flowers. I like to be inside reading a good book and periodically gazing at the plants glistening with a fresh coat of rain. Not to mention it smells wonderful, too.

Another reason why I adore rain in LA… I get to wear one of my favorite things: turtlenecks! I used to despise them as a kid, but as I’ve gotten older, a lightweight, soft turtleneck gets a lot of points in my book. The one I’m wearing here I snagged on super sale at the Cabazon outlets. While most people reserve them for cooler months, a lightweight turtleneck is actually quite practical for May showers. It’s great for layering too because they’re super thin.

My rule when it comes to wearing all black: dimension and layers. This turtleneck is loose and over-sized, so I threw on a more fitted vest to give it a little extra shape. This vest is another prized possession of mine because it actually has sleeves that zip off! Love a two-for-one.

Instead of going for skinny jeans, I chose trousers of the wide leg variety. They’re flattering and make me feel way taller, which is rare feeling for me. I’ve been on a sporty kick this week so thick soled mules and a backpack were the finishing touches! Shop similar product below!

Sweater | G-Star

Pants | Bar III

Vest | Elizabeth and James

Shoes | Shoe Dazzle

Backpack | Forever 21

Photos | Elaine Torres