Hi, Hey–These Shoes Will Make Your Day

Summer Suiting Pink Blazer Red Head

Summer Suiting Pink Blazer Navy Trousers Hi Hey Shoes Soludos

Summer Suiting pink blazer red hair white button down street style

Hi Hey Soludos Sneakers

Summer suiting allison mcnamara red head cool girl street style

Easy summer suiting pink blazer navy trousers

Easy Summer suiting

Red hair pink blazer

Summer suiting

Summer suiting red hair street style summer fashion

How sweet are these cheeky Soludos sneakers? They are from a collaboration where graphic designer Ashkahn designed a capsule collection for the brand, and I actually got to meet him and talk to him about it. You really can’t help but feel good when wearing these sneakers, right? Snag a pair for yourself right here!

Today’s look is all about summer suiting and millennial pink. I’ve always loved a good suit moment, and summer is the perfect time to play with different color and texture. This pink suit by Smythe is a fave of mine, especially because the preppy pink is juxtaposed with navy sporty stripes down the arms. Playing off the stripes,  I went with navy trousers, cuffed up, and a laid-back white button down from UNIQLO. When choosing summer suiting, you need pieces that look effortless and that breathe–there’s no where I wouldn’t go in this outfit.

Jacket by Smythe, similar jacket here and here

Trousers by TOPSHOP


Shoes by Soludos

Watch by Nixon

Sunglasses by Rayban

Photos by Elaine Torres


Loading Up on Leopard

Easy street style leopard coat leopard sneakers

Casual street style leopard coat leopard sneakers

Street style leopard sneakers and leopard coat on Allison McNamara

Leopard coat and leopard sneakers on redhead


Happy 2017! This is officially my first post of the new year and I feel refreshed and energized for a fresh chapter. As I mentioned in #MyOdeto2016, last year was tough for me and full of lessons–but I’m eager and excited to see what this year holds. I’d love to hear what you want to see more of on my website. So, please leave me a comment below letting me know what posts you love and want more of!

I have been reaching for a ton of leopard as of late–and it doesn’t hurt that leopard is just about everywhere right now. Animal prints in all shapes and colors will be abundant in your feeds over the next few months, and I decided to load up on two pieces of leopard print. The jacket is from Mango and the leopard sneakers are from Stella McCartney, and together, they make the perfect leopard love child🐯. They look so much alike, they look like they’re from the same designer! I’ve played with multiple pieces of leopard print before here and here – but I think this look is my fave way to wear it. Leopard sneakers aren’t the most common piece, so below are my favorite picks for you to shop. What do you think? Let me know!


Flamingo Agogo




























I’ve always had a soft spot for flamingos. Sure, they’re pretty stinky and dirty in real life, but they’re just so cute and I always wanted a pink flamingo for the backyard. I grew up going to Florida most summers to visit my grandmother, and I still associate flamingos with Florida, which is another reason why they make me smile.

Fashion is supposed to be fun, and injecting a little humor and cheekiness into an outfit ever-so-often via an unexpected pattern keeps your look–and your attitude–playful and innovative. I instantly connected to this flamingo print dress from Oasis. I’m not the girliest of dressers, but I do fancy a ruffle from time to time. There is something sweet about tiered ruffles, and they’re flattering too. 

Leather Soludos sneakers, my new (old) Ferragmo mini bag, and a hat were the only things I needed to compliment the dress and make it perfect for a Saturday afternoon! xx

Dress | Oasis    Shoes | Soludos    Bag | Vintage Ferragamo    Hat | Silence + Noise    Photos | Elaine Torres

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gingham 1

gingham 4

gingham - alt 8

gingham 5

gingham - alt 11

gingham - alt 13

gingham - alt 6

gingham 3

gingham 6

gingham - alt 14

gingham 2-2

Today’s story is dedicated to the summer-iest of patterns: gingham! Frequently used for picnic table cloths, napkins and plates, and therefore, undeniably linked to bbqs, summertime celebrations and Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz… gingham can actually be quite chic. In fact, it continues to make it’s way onto the runways year after year for warmer months, and this year was no exception. 

Personally, I’ve always been fond of a check, in just about any form. And I don’t discriminate, I like gingham checks just as much as a winter time plaid. Right now, I’m wearing gingham by way of some super preppy, cropped trousers. A decade or so ago, you may have even called these guys petal pushers! LOL! To keep the look relevant, I decided to go with another off-the-shoulder top. This one just might be my favorite in rotation because it’s oversized and comfortable, and you can shop the exact one I am wearing below!

I wanted to do a little history lesson on gingham. It is said that the gingham pattern dates back to Brittany, France somewhere in the late 16th early 17th century. But really, gingham gained traction by the MODs in the 1960s, and is now associated today with brands like Ben Sherman and Fred Perry.  However, we can really thank Bridget Bardot for gingham’s quick rise to fame, thanks to her pink and white gingham get-up she wore on her wedding day. Her wedding day! This created so much hype, she caused a shortage of gingham in France (gasp.) 

Anyway, wearing gingham makes me feel fun and fresh, and perhaps thats the reason Bridget chose the pattern for her big day. I’d start out slow with a pair of pants like I did, and I’ve put a few options below! xx

Top | H&M    Pants | Banana Republic    Shoes | Soludos    Bag | Rien   Photos | Elaine Torres

All Gray and Stripes

gray 3

Alright, by now you guys know that I have a thing for all gray outfits. I mean take a look at this one (wearing the same coat I might add) and this menswear look. Ok, you get the picture, but I’m serious when I say that all-gray is my all-time favorite color to wear monochrome, and if you haven’t tried it out yet, I highly recommend it asap!

However, the challenge with wearing something like head-to-toe gray often, is making it unique and interesting. For this look, I wanted to play with proportions. I went with a super tight, long sleeve body con dress that hits right above my ankle. I really love this length because I think it’s more flattering then when skirts and dresses hit at the mid-calf. Mid-calf pieces are a surefire way to make my legs look way bigger then they are! Now,  I adore stripes and I wanted to make sure both the stripes on the arms and hem were fully exposed. So, I added on this ginormous gray coat. It’s eye-catching to wear something so tight underneath something so large, and I like how the lighter shade of the coat perfectly plays off of the dress. I kept the stripe theme going with my laid back Adidas and pulled the whole look and color scheme together with a structured, navy bag.

So, what’s the takeaway? Try wearing a tight body con dress with an oversized coat, and keep it interesting by sticking with flats instead of a heel. Got it? Ok, now it’s time to shop the gallery I put together for you guys below! xx

gray 1

gray 4

gray 10

gray 6

gray 7

gray 11

gray 8

gray 5

gray 9

gray 2

Dress | H&M   Coat | AYR   Sneakers | Adidas   Bag | Rein   Photos | Elaine Torres