Black and Blue

navy 4

I don’t care what anyone says – I love navy and black together! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… it’s sooo chic! The flowers are blooming all over LA and the weather is finally starting to warm up, which means it’s time to show some leg and bust out the mini skirts!

My little sister got me this awesome black leather mini skirt from All Saints for Christmas. I think the fit is so flattering, and I like the wrap around belts at the waist! I like the mix of silk and leather – two luxe fabrics that always seem to compliment each other so well.  read more

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Why is everything better when it has your initials on it? I have towels… laptop cases… and now, a denim jacket! I first spotted a monogrammed Levi’s jacket on my co-worker, Meg Cuna, and she was kind enough to hook me up with her friend at Levi’s so I could get my own! I haven’t taken this baby off since — I absolutely love it. 

Here I went a little less expected, and used the jacket to dress down a fancier look. I started off with a gray turtleneck and tucked it into a high waisted, black pencil skirt with an insanely cool fringe hem. Something about a fringe skirt always gets me excited, and I’ve found myself reaching for them more and more often. Since I was at work and needed to be comfortable, I went with low rise ankle booties and my Levi’s topper; but, for the party after work, I switched out my boots for a sexier high heel. Like what you see? You can shop my (almost) exact outfit below. read more

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The Coolest, New Boots In My Closet


My favorite outfit combination has always been this: a long sleeve button up, a pleated mini skirt, some sort of awesome outerwear, and a great bootie. It’s one of my signatures because it never let’s me down. I’ve told you guys about my slight obsession with all things schoolgirl — like penny loafers, plaid pleated skirts, and oxfords.

This outfit is a nod to the prep school uniform, but updated with edgier accents. I swapped out pleats for leather, and loafers for the coolest, new shoes in my closet. They are by The Office of Angela Scott, and I cannot wait to wear them with everything. There is something about a white shoe that tickles my fancy, and I love that these have a cream / gray snakeskin print so they won’t get dirty as quickly as my other white shoes. read more

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My Sweater Confession


For once… a sweater that doesn’t make me feel like a blob! I need more comfortable sweaters like this one in my life. I’m going to throw something out there — I love wearing sweaters, but as someone who is “short,” I never feel cute in them. I’m always envious of models I see on pinterest rocking cozy sweaters, jeans and sneakers and looking so chic and effortless. If I were to wear the same look, I would look like a chubby girl from a small town with zero style. Anyone else out there feel me? Sucks but it’s the truth. Which is why I’m so happy I found this camel sweater from Joes! So many knits are bulky and clunky. This one is cropped and tailored, so it doesn’t consume my whole frame. Additionally, it’s great for wearing with high waisted jeans and skirts!  read more

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Greetings From Roma






Roma, how I love thee. This was not my first time in this glorious city, but I fell much more in love with it this time around. We didn’t have to hit all of the touristy spots, so I felt like we really got a chance to explore the local areas like the Travestere and the Testaccio. It was sweltering hot, so my outfit options were limited. For a day of roaming in Rome, I went with my trusty high-waisted, light wash denim skirt by American Apparel. It’s a bit tight at the waist (maybe all the pasta I consumed on the trip,) so I selected a top that was cropped and looser. read more

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