My Intentions For 2016 & This School Girl Look

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Throw on a mini skirt and a pair of high boots because… we’ve just completed the first full work week of 2016! I never did a post on my resolutions for this year for several reasons. First, I don’t like to call them resolutions – instead, I prefer to call them intentions. Resolutions implies that you and I have problems we need to fix. Whereas, intentions set a vibe for the year.

Last year – the intentions I set were personal growth and travel. I can honestly say that last year, I fulfilled my intentions more than I could have even imagined. I went to San Francisco several times along with New York and Palm Springs. I visited New Orleans for the first time, which was a real treat for me. I had the chance to explore Santorini, Mykonos, and Athens, Greece; Istanbul and Kusadasi, Turkey; the Amalfi Coast in Italy (Positano, Sorrento, Pompeii;) and Rome and Tuscany, Italy. 

As if that wasn’t spectacular enough, I went with Cassondra and 2 of our friends to Thailand, where we explored Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, and Krabi. I returned to the Big Island, Hawaii for a quick post-Coachella escape to paradise. Also, went on  a spontaneous trip to Cabo San Lucas for a friend’s birthday, and a last minute get away to Denver and Breckenridge, Colorado. From the beach to the mountains to new continents like Asia, I learned and saw so many different things that I am thankful for.

However, in order to travel one needs to make certain sacrifices. I was really excited at the beginning of last year for my daily cable TV show, POPSUGAR Now, and our new co-host addition of Shenae Grimes-Beech. Sadly, that show came to an end in March, so I was basically left with half of the job I thought I had for the year. Rather than pushing for something new right away, I decided to give myself a much needed period of R&R. I started booking adventures and revving up my blog. It’s funny, even though I write for a living, this blog has really helped me awaken my creative side. When you work in a corporate environment, writing similar stories about the same celebrities over and over again (which I do love, might I add,) can get a bit stale. I can whip out a lead story on Kendall Jenner in less than 15 minutes, but when I first started this blog, I found myself at a loss for words on what to say. Then I realized, this is the place where I can call the shots! And then, it quickly became hard to stop the words, as exemplified by this very post. After the TV show ended, I still had the luxury of writing and hosting a weekly show, with the flexibility to explore the world. While the paycheck wasn’t on par to what I was used to, I was able to see the world, and no dollar amount can top that. 

I’ll always have a bit of wanderlust in me. There is nothing more satisfying to me then roaming the world, meeting new people, and seeing how others live. But, for 2016 — it is back to the grind. I feel reinvigorated to get back to work and have a huge bank of ideas that I have gathered through my travels and growth of last year. I cannot wait to share them. A few other intentions I have set for the year include: volunteering more, reading more books (currently reading Welcome to Braggsville,) reducing road rage (lol sad but true!) and getting another big project. I also am toying with some new ideas, like writing and getting a book published, along with consulting and creative directing. If you follow me on social media (which you should 🙂 you may have noticed that I have been working with brands a bit more, like OPI. I also have a new interview series starting this month with the Soho House LA called Ladies Who Lunch, which aims to profile successful and aspirational women across all lifestyle platforms. My first 3 guests are all so awesome, the first and second being Geri Hirsh and Janessa Leone.

The landscape of what I do is changing so rapidly, and I’m trying to figure out my place in all the madness. One thing is for sure – I love communicating with people and learning other people’s stories and that has to be at the core of whatever I do. What are yours? I would LOVE to hear them in the comments below!

OK enough about that, I’m sure you’re here because of this look. I always adore a schoolgirl moment, perhaps it’s the prep school kid in me. But instead of going the nerdy preppy route, I decided to sexy this outfit up for the weekend. I went with the typical white, silk button down, tucked into the great textured mini skirt. Usually I’m not a fan of textured skirts and dresses because they add bulk (I’ve been a victim of this before in several videos for POPSUGAR, no bueno) but I found this one to be quite flattering. Sadly, I cannot find it online anymore, but I did find some options below that you might like! 

I applied the two-toned theme of the skirt to my outerwear as well, selecting a black and navy coat. I love when coats are warm, but still manage to have a slim fit in the shoulders and arms like this one. Then, I brought the drama! Pull those thigh high boots out and take them for a spin, because after all, nothing goes better with thigh high boots then a mini skirt. Shop shop below – love you! x

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Skirt | Rebecca Minkoff   Blouse | Elizabeth and James   Coat | Leila Shams   Glasses | Westward Leaning   Photos | Elaine Torres

Winter Pastels


Why not wear pastels in the winter? At least that’s my motto this season. I usually go for black when it comes to the holidays, but recently I’ve been having a bit more fun with fashion and with dressing, in general.  I have been challenging myself to think of more creative ways to wear my closet, and I’m loving the pay off. This is a great outfit for inspiration if you are heading straight from work to a holiday party.

I found this red leather pencil skirt at the Melrose Flea Market years ago, and believe it or not I’ve never worn it until now. I styled it with this festive blue, printed pussy bow blouse – an absolute favorite style of mine! The print on the blouse is super cute and reminds me of Christmas light strands, making it perfect for a holiday cocktail party. I love a sneaky, cheeky nod to the season 🙂

For the coat, I really wanted something fresh, so I decided to mix blues and layer on a structured light blue coat. Unexpected, but it works. I really like the juxtaposition of the almost harsh red leather with the soft light blue.

Whenever I wear a pencil skirt, I’ve gotta wear a nude heel. My legs can look so short and stumpy if I wear the wrong shoe with a pencil skirt! #Shortgirlproblems. Shop the gallery I put together below and let me know what you think about my outfit!


work 6

work 4

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work 10

work 5


Jacket | Metaphor   Blouse | Rebecca Minkoff   Skirt | Vintage   Shoes | Steven   Bag | Loeffler Randall   Glasses | Etnia Barcelona   Photos | Elaine Torres

Purse Poms


OK, let’s talk about purse pom poms. When I first saw this trend with the Fendi bag poms, I thought it was so silly. I also thought, there is no way I would get behind adding on a furry keychain to my purse. Well, per the usual, I thought wrong. Look at me now, just a few months later and I, too, am sporting a furry bag pom pom. And quite frankly, I love it. For some reason it makes me feel like my outfit is more complete. I decided to go with a fuzzy burgundy guy, and I think it looks great with this little Alexander Wang bag. I also like wearing it with my larger Proenza bag too!

So let’s move on and talk more about this look. I am the worst when it comes to holiday shopping and always leave it to last minute. And, when I’m out shopping, I always find things for myself instead of other people. It’s not my fault I’m so easy to shop for, hah! I knew I was going to be out shopping all day, so I wanted something comfortable and cozy. I kind of took a page out of Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy attire and went with a body-con turtleneck dress and a yummy coat. I used to intern at Rebecca Taylor many years ago, and I got a few amazing coats that I still wear today, this being one of them! I stayed with the burgundy theme with my vintage scarf, and added on some comfortable black boots to finish off the whole outfit.

Actually I lied, the bag pom really finished off the whole look! Shoppity shop my outfit below!









Coat | Rebecca Taylor   Dress | BCBG   Scarf | Vintage   Bag | Alexander Wang   Pom | Golden Tote   Boots | Vintage   Photos | Elaine Torres

Metallic Stripes + Colorful Fur


I couldn’t help but feel cool in this outfit. There’s just something about a touch of (faux) fur that makes you feel like a badass. I’ve never been a bohemian dresser, but I do adore the ’70s and everything that decade has to offer for inspiration. For this look, I was channeling one of my favorites, Jane Birkin.

I have been wanting to try out metallic knits — I’ve seen them all over the place and I was eager to try and style one myself. I went with an overall ’70s vibe, so I decided to tuck my metallic stripe turtleneck into high waisted jeans. The rich colors in the top paired perfectly with my luxe purple fur vest, but it was too cold to wear the vest alone, so I layered a blazer on top. This is one of my go-to styling tricks!

My trusty brown Mulberry satchel and black strappy heels complete the look. I really adore how all of these pieces came together and I must say, this crop of photos is one of my all time favorites! I would love to hear from you below so please leave me a comment and take a look at the shopping gallery I put together! x










Top   | H&M   Vest | Hale Bob   Blazer | AYR   Jeans | Levi’s    Shoes | Shoe Dazzle   Bag | Mulberry   Photos | Elaine Torres



Why is everything better when it has your initials on it? I have towels… laptop cases… and now, a denim jacket! I first spotted a monogrammed Levi’s jacket on my co-worker, Meg Cuna, and she was kind enough to hook me up with her friend at Levi’s so I could get my own! I haven’t taken this baby off since — I absolutely love it. 

Here I went a little less expected, and used the jacket to dress down a fancier look. I started off with a gray turtleneck and tucked it into a high waisted, black pencil skirt with an insanely cool fringe hem. Something about a fringe skirt always gets me excited, and I’ve found myself reaching for them more and more often. Since I was at work and needed to be comfortable, I went with low rise ankle booties and my Levi’s topper; but, for the party after work, I switched out my boots for a sexier high heel. Like what you see? You can shop my (almost) exact outfit below.

And, if you too want a monogrammed jacket, I suggest purchasing the men’s Levi’s jacket I put in the gallery and heading to your local tailor and having one personalized just for you! xx







Jacket | Custom Levi’s   Sweater | AG Jeans   Skirt | Cooper St   Boots | Matisse    Bag | Vintage Picasso    Photos | Elaine Torres