Green With Envy For Pretty Pleats and Olive Tones

Green Dresses vintage twirl

Green Dresses Vintage Beauty Red Hair Allison McNamara

Green Dresses Vintage Walking Allison mcNamara

Green Vintage Dresses Pleats Allison McNamara

I’ll be honest, I’ve never worn a dress quite like this before. I’ve been venturing into different colors and patterns as of late–including this yellow floral print dress from last week–and couldn’t help giving this bold, olive green color a try.

I’m obsessed with shopping vintage, and one of my top spots to snag cool vintage finds in LA is Shareen Vintage. I’ve purchased everything from black, velvet, fur trimmed jackets to peasant dresses there. However, this olive green dress is truly a gem and such a find. Ever since I dyed my hair red, people tell me I should explore all things green, but I’ve been wary about it for fear of looking like a bad version of poison ivy. After giving this color a whirl, or more literally, a twirl, I’ve reached the definitive decision that green is indeed my color and the I plan on shopping it much more often.

Are you feeling green with vintage envy for all things green dresses? Shop my top picks below!

Dress by Shareen Vintage, similar one here

Shoes Target, similar ones here

Scarf Vintage from Dubai, similar one here

Sunglasses, similar ones here



Anything But Ordinary


















Hello Pretties! Something about this outfit make me feel tres sophisticated. But in the quirky Aunt sort of way–you know what I mean? The person in your life who is unapologetically odd, enjoys trying out bold accessories, and doesn’t shy away from something that’s a little off the beaten path. 

I’m in the midst of a personal life + style evolution. Aesthetically for my blog, I’m in the process of redesigning it to be more user friendly and share more content here on the main page, allowing you to peruse more of my content that get’s lost after a week in my main feature slider. On a personal style note, I’m trying to foster my inner love for the weirder side of fashion, because I think that’s what sets me apart in this super saturated blogger industry. Sure, I love a Chanel boy bag and off-the-shoulder dresses from Revolve just as much as the next girl, but I’m looking to challenge myself to share innovative outfit inspiration that you can’t find elsewhere.

And when it comes to the other part of my job, which is hosting and producing video content, I have some really exciting series coming out on several different platforms, which I cannot wait to share with you! I have been working really hard on making beautiful content for Refinery29, Entertainment Tonight, and the Digital Shopping Network, but have nothing to show for it until the projects go up, which is frustrating for an instant gratification seeker like myself. It’s taught me patience, that’s for sure!

All of this is the long way of getting to the real point of my post: what else would you like to see from me? Do you enjoy personal essays on here, or are you looking more to just see pretty outfit photos? Do you like seeing my favorite beauty products weekly? I’d love to hear from you!

If you’re here just for my outfit, have no fear, I’ve put all the details below along with a pretty gallery to shop!

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Scarves, Stripes, and All My Favorite French Things

Stripe shirt French girl 2

Stripe shirt French girl 5

Striped shirt French girl 1

Striped shirt French girl 3

Stripe shirt French girl 4

Details stripe shirt French girl

Something about this outfit feels part art teacher, part French student. For those of you who don’t know, I studied at the Sorbonne in Paris in 2008. If you’re a regular reader, this is old news. But for those of you who are reading my site for the first time, my love for France runs deep. I fell in love with the country when I studied French and Journalism abroad in Paris back in college. I had the privilege of living in the most beautiful Maison in the left bank – on a quaint street in the 5th called Rue Amyo right behind the Pantheon. I’m often reminded by my days in Paris. I have a gorgeous, old map of the city hanging in the living room that I bought at a yard sale across the street from my old apartment for a measly $30, that turned out to be the best $30 I’ve ever spent. I love French directors, like Goddard, and French foods, like croissants, and wine, and cheese (which according to my doctor I am no longer able to have.) France in the 1920s is my favorite decade of choice — Ernest Hemingway (my fav) and the rest of the greats roamed the streets drinking wine and writing literary magic…

I digress. France taught me how to love… fashion, and food, and history. How to enjoy simple things — like long dinners over wine with friends. How to write. How to dream. How to be independent. 

I still remember all the solo walks I did around the city, trying to get every last drop out of the experience. It’s crazy to me that I haven’t been back since, because I know that city like the back of my hand. But, there is so much more of the world to explore!

This outfit was inspired by my days vintage shopping in the Marais, breaking bread with friends on ponte des arts, and late nights at Cha Cha Cha. This look pays homage to my memory, but also to the future because I will go back!

To finish off this post, I figured I would share a few of my favorite Parisian things…

  1. Jardin du Luxembourg (for reading)
  2. Laduree (on Rue Bonaparte – for tea and treats)
  3. Musee Rodin (for sculptures and relaxing)
  4. Musee L’Orangerie (for 50 ft long Monets)  
  5. Champs de Mars 
  6. Social Club (for night)
  7. Cha Cha Cha (for night)
  8. Lebanese food 
  9. Centre Pompidou // Restaurant Georges on the top
  10. Sacre Coure
  11. Roaming Montemarte

I will add more as they come back to me…

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Currently Craving: Stripe Dresses

stripe dress peach scarf 4

stripe dress peach scarf 1

stripe dress preach scarf 2

stripe dress peach scarf 3

stripe dress peach scarf 5

How many of these guys have I worn lately? Too many, but I’m OK with that. Who doesn’t love a stripe dress moment? The real stunners of this look are the silk, peach scarf (which I first wore here) and the super high, “I Dream of Genie” ponytail with a piece of hair wrapped around it. I love this hair style for hot summer days when you want your hair out of your face, but don’t want to feel fully naked with a bun. Chic, simple and great for a few days old hair.

Back to the look – I’m digging the light blue and peach combo. And, I haven’t said no to a bell sleeve yet this season 🙂 So clearly, this striped H&M dress was no exception. I recently got these white leather, Soludos espadrille sneakers – the real seller was the rose gold patch on the bag. 

To complete the vintage-y vibe, I went with a pretty woven bag that I got years ago on Nantucket Island. I’ve been loving this bag recently because it reminds me of being a little girl on vacation and it complements so many different looks. 

Are you a fan of the super high pony? Let me know! xx

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Boho Meets Ladylike

burg 3

I love restyling things in my wardrobe. I bought this burnt orange, gauzey midi dress awhile ago as a cover up for a vacation. Sure, it’s a little see through, but that didn’t stop me from styling it for a day of meetings around town.

Exposed boudoir is a trend we’ve seen for awhile, so instead of wearing nude undergarments, I decided to go bold and wear black. The trick to making a more bohemian piece – like this midi dress – work beyond the beach is to pair it with structured items. I went with this gray coat that I can’t seem to take off, elevated suede heels, and a structured, vintage bag.

Funny thing, I tied this scarf on the handle of this bag a few days ago… but not intentionally. The scarf was around my neck and getting in the way, so I took it off and tied it, and I liked the way it looks so much, I kept it! I think I’m going to start tying more scarfs on bags – what do YOU think? Let me know! xx

burg 1

burg 2

burg 9

burg 5

burg 6

burg 7

burg 10

burg 4

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