Pretty Pink Coats







I’m having a pink moment and I don’t care who knows it! Pink is easily one of the most important colors of the season, which is ironic since it’s usually reserved for warmer months. I have slowly been adding more pink pieces to my wardrobe, including this stunning topper. Personally, I am loving pretty pink coats, like this gorgeous textured one I snagged from H&M! You can shop this exact jacket below right now for $129, worth every penny.

I adore the way pink and red look together, so I made sure to punctuate this look with all red accessories. These shoes are proof that fashion is cyclic–they were one of the first purchases I made with some extra spending cash I had saved while interning at E! a decade ago! I usually don’t keep pieces for that long, but I always felt connected to these strappy ballet flats for some reason. I’m happy I hung on to them! read more

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Pink Pink Baby







I’ve been a sucker for just about anything pink these days! And this light pink top is no exception — it’s just enough color to add intrigue without being over-the-top. Pink is having a moment in fashion, we’re seeing it on everything from accessories to evening gowns, and I’m totally down with the trend. I selected two pink pieces for this look — aforementioned light pink, mock neck tee, and a color blocked H&M scarf tied around the neck. read more

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A Little Goth

goth 4

Because… why  not? Sometimes we forget how fun getting dressed really is. It allows us to transform into anyone we want to be that day. And the commitment is as small as changing clothes… pretty cool when you actually think about it.

A friend of mine was wearing these amazing Doc Martens the other day and I basically freaked out and had to have them. And on the upside, they were on super sale at Off Broadway shoes, so I snagged these creepers for $22! I haven’t really been able to take them off since I got them, and you’d be surprised how easily these guys are fitting into my wardrobe. read more

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Suit Up For NYE

suit 3

It’s almost time to ring in 2016! I’ve actually never worn a suit for NYE before, so I thought, why not give it a shot? I bought this hot pink Zara blazer years ago, and surprisingly, I’ve never worn it. I figured this would be the perfect occasion to bust it out. I based this whole NYE look around this hot pink, ’80s jacket that is sure to make any wearer the life of the party! While I couldn’t locate this exact jacket for you guys, I selected a few of my other pink favorites that are for sale below. read more

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PINK 1-4

PINK 1-5


PINK 1-6

PINK 1-3

I know, I know –– you’ve seen this wall a bajillion times! I think the first time I saw this wall on Instagram was on mega-blogger extraordinaire and, now friend, Aimee Song from Song of Style’s feed. I remember thinking to myself, if I had a blog I would love to shoot there. Honestly, I never thought I would have a blog, but now I do (and I’m having a blast doing it by the way) so I figured, it was time to shoot in front of the instamous Paul Smith wall. Instamous – great word huh? I hope it catches on and doesn’t die a sad death like “fetch.” read more

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