Dressed Up, With Kicks

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On the days that I can’t find anything to wear, I rely on a good, all-black outfit. This skirt has to be one of my favorite skirts that I own, because I love the way I can dress it up or down. I’ve styled it with everything from denim to a tee shirt, and here, I decided to go for a soft, silk button up. I wanted an outfit that was polished enough for a slew of work events, but comfy enough to last all night.

So… converse! By now you know that sneakers are totally acceptable among the fashion set, and I love this trend, which ramped up about 4 years ago when athleisure took off. In fact, sneakers should no longer be called a trend and more a way of life, an essential in any closet. I adore the way a pair of sneakers can add a laid-back sensibility to even the dressiest outfits, without looking out of place. read more

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All Nude

camels 1

My love affair with camel continues! And this time around, I’m doing the winter work version. What do you wear to an interview or meeting?  Now, just like you guys, I look to websites, pinterest, and other bloggers for fashion inspiration. I had a few big meetings and, I’m going to be honest, dressing for important meetings has never been my strong suit, especially given the fact that I work in such a creative field. So… I decided to do some research, and came across this Refinery 29 article that inspired the look above. I love to get re-inspired by things I already own… and I get even more excited when I can re-style pieces that I thought were on their way out of my closet. Example: this nude dress. read more

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All Gray and Stripes

gray 3

Alright, by now you guys know that I have a thing for all gray outfits. I mean take a look at this one (wearing the same coat I might add) and this menswear look. Ok, you get the picture, but I’m serious when I say that all-gray is my all-time favorite color to wear monochrome, and if you haven’t tried it out yet, I highly recommend it asap!

However, the challenge with wearing something like head-to-toe gray often, is making it unique and interesting. For this look, I wanted to play with proportions. I went with a super tight, long sleeve body con dress that hits right above my ankle. I really love this length because I think it’s more flattering then when skirts and dresses hit at the mid-calf. Mid-calf pieces are a surefire way to make my legs look way bigger then they are! Now,  I adore stripes and I wanted to make sure both the stripes on the arms and hem were fully exposed. So, I added on this ginormous gray coat. It’s eye-catching to wear something so tight underneath something so large, and I like how the lighter shade of the coat perfectly plays off of the dress. I kept the stripe theme going with my laid back Adidas and pulled the whole look and color scheme together with a structured, navy bag. read more

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Bundled Up In Gray AYR


All gray all day! At least, that’s my mantra this year. I’ve really worked on bulking up my gray basics and it’s starting to pay off. This outfit is simple, but looks cool and put together. Do you have jeans that bring back memories? I’ve had these gray skinny jeans forever and I used to wear them way too often, but I haven’t worn them in awhile so it was fun to bring them back out. I’ve had many good times in these jeans and wearing them brings back memories.  read more

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Skin Tight





This look is definitely out of my comfort zone! I typically shy away from body con dresses and skirts because 1) I wore them a lot when I was younger and am sort of scarred from my experiences and 2) I feel like my ass looks big sometimes – hey, not going to lie here. I got over the latter for this look by putting a long white blazer over my look, strategically hiding the derrière.

I fell in love with this turtleneck the moment I saw it. I think people are calling this style the “titty tank” and I can see why because you really cannot wear a bra with it. So, I freed the nip and tried it out. The result, I like! The top is slightly lighter than the equally body conscious, ribbed skirt, which breaks up the separates and keeps it from looking like one piece. read more

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