Undone Suiting

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Somedays, I just want to throw on a good suit and be done with it, you know? The only problem is that a suit would be way too fancy for my office. So, the next best thing? My take on a dressed down suit comprised of slouchy trousers, an open white button-down, and a vest in lieu of a blazer. I love how polished I felt (and look) in this outfit, and it’s definitely one I plan on recreating with more colorful separates in my closet.

Another thing I want to share with you guys is the NextRadio app. For those of you who know me or have been reading my blog for awhile, you know that I am a TV host that studied broadcasting in college and I have a penchant for anything entertainment: tv, movies, and radio. I am a radio junkie! Even with all the new streaming technologies where we can listen to whatever music we want whenever we want, I always find myself tuning in to my favorite radio stations. read more

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Suit Up For NYE

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It’s almost time to ring in 2016! I’ve actually never worn a suit for NYE before, so I thought, why not give it a shot? I bought this hot pink Zara blazer years ago, and surprisingly, I’ve never worn it. I figured this would be the perfect occasion to bust it out. I based this whole NYE look around this hot pink, ’80s jacket that is sure to make any wearer the life of the party! While I couldn’t locate this exact jacket for you guys, I selected a few of my other pink favorites that are for sale below. read more

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All Gray Menswear

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Even though I’m not a tomboy, I really feel comfortable in suiting. It makes me feel like I’m in the 70s rocking a bad ass YSL Le Smoking Jacket. I’m not, but I will be one day — I hope! It’s been a bit colder, so I gave my suiting a winter makeover by picking up separates in wool.

You guys know I’m a sucker for monochrome and anything gray, so I went for a head-to-toe gray “suit.” Now, I don’t have a professional job, but if I did have to go to an office everyday, I would be living in this right about now (given that the sweater is appropriate, I know some work places can be very strict.) I wanted the statement pieces — blazer + trousers — to be darker than my sweater to break up the look slightly and I went with a v-neck sweater to show a little skin. read more

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Navy + Burgundy Suiting


This is my version of winter work wear! A great, mismatched blazer trouser combo, a mock neck sweater in lieu of a button down, and some printed loafers.

I’m all about a DIY suit right now. Who says the jacket and pant have to match? You guys know that I am a sucker for anything navy. But I wanted to make this outfit more interesting than just a typical navy jacket + pant combo. So, I took the jacket from one suit and the pants from another and voila! I adore the mix of burgundy and navy, it feels fresh for the season and a good take on workwear. read more

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Denim Lover








I think it’s no secret that Levi’s is having a major revival right now, so when they invited me over to the Levi’s Haus in West Hollywood to pick out some new fall denim, I was totally flattered! I got some awesome finds, including these perfectly fitting high waisted, medium wash skinny jeans. I love the color of them! And they are so freaking comfortable too.

I wanted to play with yummy autumnal hues, so I pulled out this navy and burgundy striped tee and some coordinating burgundy boots. Mixing denim is one of my favorite pairings – it’s all-American, stylish, and always looks good. So, I went with an oversized, lighter wash Levi’s vest, because let’s be honest a look is never really complete without some sort of outerwear. read more

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