Sporty Spice and Feelin’ Nice

Fishnets Under Pants Allison McNamara red head fashion blogger

Fishnets Under Pants Exposed Fishnets Trend Leather Jacket Allison McNamara fashion blogger

Fishnets Under Pants Leather Jacket Cool Street Style Allison McNamara fashion blogger

Fishnets Under Pants Sitting Allison McNamara Street Style Fashion Blogger

Fishnets Under Pants Leather Jacket Street Style Blogger Red Head Allison McNamara

I know, I know–fishnets are everywhere. And I’ll be honest, they’re getting a tad overplayed. But, I shot this look back in February and didn’t have time to blog about it until now. While I am growing tired of fishies under jeans (unless they’re supper baggie tattered jeans) I’m still feeling fishnets under pants in the form of sporty slacks, tuxedo trousers and joggers. It’s this unique balance of spray and trashy / sexy that seems to work well together. 

This look is a combination of all things that I love–it’s comfortable, it’s cool, and you can really go anywhere in it. I think I actually wore this look on Super Bowl Sunday. . . 

Another thing I’ve been digging as of late is the unbuttoned button down, buttoning only the top two and letting the rest of the shirt billow free. There’s something about a peek of midriff that feminizes the outfit. It also shows off the exposed band of the fishnets, which is a fun little surprise. 

On a different note, I hope you all have been following my travels over on my Instagram! In the past two months I’ve visited NYC, London, Cuba, Dubai, Santa Barbara and Palm Springs for Coachella. To say it’s been a whirlwind is an understatement, but I’ve also grown behind on my blogging. It’s also pushed me to really evaluate what I like creating and what you guys like reading. Are you still into seeing outfit posts? Or do you enjoy areas like beauty or travel more? Or perhaps, just more of a mix? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Top by All Saints, similar one here by Equipment

Bra by Calvin Klein

Trousers by Joie

Fishnets by Nordstrom

Shoes by Rag and Bone (on sale!)

Jacket by Rebecca Minkoff

Photos by Elaine Torres


Layer a Crop Top Over a Button Down

How to Layer Crop Top Over Button Down

Layer a black crop top over striped button down

Layer a crop top over button down with leather jacket

How to Layer a Crop Top Over Button Down with peg leg jeans and vintage Gucci

Crop top over button down with leather jacket

Crop top over button down with raw hem jeans

Black crop top over button down with stripes

Proportion and layers leather jacket and crop top over button down


I’ve been really into layering unexpected pieces in my wardrobe, like putting a summer crop top over a button down. I’m currently digging crop tops and tanks layered over billowy blouses and button ups. The beauty of paring something cropped over something long, is that it creates a (false) illusion of length–which is great for someone who is short like me. Who knew a crop top over a button down could make me look and feel like Gisele?

As you know, I have a penchant for vintage. Most of my closet–and my favorite pieces–are vintage, including this blue and white stripe top from Neiman Marcus. It even has that super old school NM tag! What’s beautiful about this top is the movement. The top is actually separated into panels, with major slits on both sides, that creates a liquid-like movement when I walk. I layered a loose, black, cropped tank over it, and voila, instant length. 

Even though most of my look is vintage, you an shop (almost) identical pieces below! xx

Top | Vintage Neiman Marcus   Tank | Brandy Melville   Jeans | H&M Studio   Loafers | All Saints    Bag | Vintage Gucci   Jacket | All Saints    Photos | Elaine Torres



shorts 4

In order to get the “perfect” closet, one needs to collect the basics. Easier said than done. I have been attempting to “collect” the basics for a long time, and while I have checked things off my (ever-growing) basics list, there are still a ton of things I want to buy. But for some reason, my eye is always drawn towards the crazy, vintage patterned piece. Which is awesome, but also makes for a crazy, colorful closet that doesn’t necessarily mix and match as easily.

This is my take on basics – denim boyfriend shorts, cuffed up, a white button down top, a camel leather jacket, and leopard flats. Oh, and leather backpack. Simple, chic, and easy. 

I’ve gone ahead and put together a gallery below so you can shop a similar look 🙂


shors 2

shorts 8

shorts 12

shorts 1

shorts 7

shorts 10

shorts 3

Top | Brandy Melville    Shorts | Levi’s    Jacket | Massimo Dutti    Shoes | 3.1 Phillip Lim    Bag | TOPSHOP    Glasses | Westward Leaning   Photos | Elaine Torres

Black and Blue

navy 4

I don’t care what anyone says – I love navy and black together! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… it’s sooo chic! The flowers are blooming all over LA and the weather is finally starting to warm up, which means it’s time to show some leg and bust out the mini skirts!

My little sister got me this awesome black leather mini skirt from All Saints for Christmas. I think the fit is so flattering, and I like the wrap around belts at the waist! I like the mix of silk and leather – two luxe fabrics that always seem to compliment each other so well. 

I’ve really been feeling suede sandals for spring, these tan, tassel sandals included. I actually picked them up for my Tulum trip at Target, but I have a feeling these will be getting a ton of wear this season.

What do you think of black and blue worn together? Are you a fan? Have I changed your mind 🙂 ? Let me know!

navy 2

navy 6

navy 3

navy 5

navy 1

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Mixing Black + Brown

suede 3

Sometimes, you just want to say suck it to “rules.” This outfit was inspired by one of those moments, when I saw a post online saying that black and brown were the two colors that should never be worn together.

First off, I disagree.

And second, there are way less appealing color combos… green and red? black and yellow? orange and black? Tons.. I actually quite fancy mixing browns and blacks, especially when there are contrasting textures. I always like the way leather and suede look together… must be something about the soft slick surface of the leather contrasted against the rugged suede.

What do you think about wearing brown and black together? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below – I’d love to hear from you! xx A

suede 2

suede 5

suede 4

suede 6

suede 7-1

suede 1

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