Western Feels

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Western LBD 4-1

I’ve been really into Western vibes lately. I know we associate bandanas with Western because of cowboys and old movies, but I’ve been digging a bit deeper. I’ve been on the hunt for awesome turquoise brooches, bolero ties, and anything old and silver that I can get my hands on. This vintage neck scarf I picked up at the Melrose Fairfax Trading Post flea market the other week, and I’m obsessed. I’ve been wearing regular bandanas for awhile – you know, the kind you order off of Amazon for super cheap. But this one feels soft and worn in, like a really worn in cotton band tee. It’s (allegedly) from India, and I can’t wait to find more like this. read more

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Built in Choker


My new obsession: dresses with built in chokers! This is seriously a genius idea because it looks chic and it does all of the work for you. I cannot tell you how many compliments I got on this look. The dress itself isn’t usually something I’d wear — you know I’m not a tight dress girl — but the choker was just so cool I had to give it a try, and I’m so happy I did!

Because I sometimes get self-conscious wearing super skintight dresses, I decided to add on a maroon robe coat. The important thing for me was to find a jacket I could cinche at the waist so I had a silhouette… because what’s the point of wearing something super tight if you’re not going to show off a bit of your silhouette… riiight? read more

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With Love, From Positano

PO 7

PO 2

PO 3

PO 7

PO 5

PO 9

PO 4

PO 8

Is there a more beautiful place in the world? I’m starting to think not. Positano, Italy is one of those rare sites that dreams are made of. Funny story – I actually didn’t know we were stopping at Positano on my recent summer trip with my family. I knew we were heading to Naples, Italy, but I didn’t put the time in doing research on each city until I was en route to Roma. Then it dawned on me… oh my gosh, we are going to the Amalfi Coast! read more

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