Casual Friday

casual 2

Some days you just want to throw on your coziest clothes and call it a day. But recently, I’ve had a paradigm shift. Comfortable doesn’t have to equal sweats or workout clothes. In fact, I never realized how many cozy pieces I have in my closet until recently.

If you think about it, the act of putting on clothes, whether it’s an evening dress or gym clothes, is the exact same process. With the exception of things that are super tight or corseted, the very act of putting on clothes is almost the same across the board. So why, on our laziest days, do we get out of our sleeping wear and into loungewear, when we just as easily could have put on an outfit? read more

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Navy + Black Love Affair

mix 1

I am a HUGE advocate for mixing navy and black together. I know people have mixed feelings on this matter, but I’ve never quite understood why. This outfit is all about finding blues and blacks in your wardrobe that compliment each other. 

Funny enough, it was raining the day I wore this outfit. I really don’t like wearing pants when it’s raining because somehow I always get them wet and then I’m stuck with soggy pants all day. So, if the temperature permits, I like to style skirts for rainy days. I wanted to style the button down skirt of Instagrams past… remember this guy? You’ve seen it a billion times styled with stripes and body suits and platforms, so I challenged myself to make it (somewhat) seasonally appropriate. I grabbed a black, crew neck, knit sweater and my cozy black, knit thigh highs. WARNING: knit thigh highs can look really REALLY bad, so you have to be careful when styling them. They can also add bulk to your thighs if they hit you at the wrong spot. Just wanted to throw that out there. I wanted the effect of wearing ginormous, tall boots, so I slipped my feet into these leather knee high boots. And, I must say, I was quite warm. read more

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Plaid Polish








Why where one piece of plaid when you can wear two? That pretty much sums up my motto when it comes to wearing plaid these days. I used to live in a rotation of plaid button down tops but, I decided to retire the look about a year or so ago. Not gonna lie, I still love a good Rails plaid top moment (primarily, because they are so dang comfortable,) but for the most part I’ve given most of my plaid tops a lengthy vacation.

However… I’m always going to be a fan of a plaid pant. They’re polished, sophisticated, and if they’re neutral, lend themselves well to print mixing. For this look, I went with navy and green plaid pants. I knew I wanted to wear this black and white checked top with it, but needed something to separate the two pieces. So… I layered a trusty white button down underneath – viola! read more

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