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There’s something about a pretty maxi dress that makes me feel like the most luxurious gal in the world. Perhaps it’s the flowy fabric and the ability to lounge gracefully on a chaise lounge… the ultimate “Elie Saab for Breakfast” moment. My friend Kasia came up with that phrase, and we use it to describe this scenario of someone who wears a gorgeous couture dress to eat breakfast in, because they can. The idea of wearing something so incredibly luxe and ridiculous and gorgeous, while eating yogurt and berries and coffee, because why not.  read more

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3 Things I Learned About Downtown LA This Weekend

I have lived in Los Angeles for just shy of 23 years, so one would think, at this point, I would have seen it all –– right? Wrong. Very wrong. I’m shocked at how many cool, interesting, weird, and fun things I have yet to do and eat in this city. I started exploring this weekend, and discovered 3 things that everyone in LA –– visiting or living –– should try and taste.

1. Grand Central Market


This place is rad! I interned just down the street for FOUR YEARS in college at Rebecca Taylor –– and somehow never knew about it ––  so color me surprised when I discovered this food mecca was just a stone throw away. Nestled at Hill and Broadway, the Grand Central Market is a foodie’s paradise. Visitors are greeted by Egg Slut, but make sure you explore all options before you commit. Wexlers and The Horse Thief also came highly recommended, but we opted for good ‘ol tacos. And bring your baggu bag, because the produce there is top of the line for a fraction of the price. read more

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