Western Vintage

W 1

Just send me to a ranch in Minnesota and call me Ralph Lauren. I got this sweater from my mom years ago (so long ago, she doesn’t even remember having it or giving it to me lol.) There’s something about it that feels so Western meets Native American… perhaps it’s the unique color stripes, or the silver metal-fabric closures – regardless, I love it.

I’ve only styled this sweater with black in the past, so this time I chose a lightweight, camel (my fav) sweater from LOFT. Sometimes I like to let the print shine, but in this case, I wanted the sweater to contrast and stand out. Btw – my mom is part Native American, and she worked at a Western store in Pennsylvania years ago, so the sweater’s true identity lies somewhere within.  read more

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Allison Wonderland

Alice look 2

Alice look 3

alice look 1

OK so the title might be cheesy, but I have to explain. When I was a little girl, I thought the Disney classic Alice in Wonderland was actually titled Allison Wonderland… and I thought the movie was about me, narcissism clearly started well before Instagram for me. Jokes aside, if you say it fast, it really does kind of sound like Allison instead of Alice in, but I guess that’s irrelevant.

Any who, while I never got to live out my fantasy of falling asleep in a field of foot high daisies or befriending – and smoking – with a rainbow caterpillar, this outfit evokes all of the feelings I imagined as a little girl. The dress is feminine, floaty, and perfect for a day at the park, and I think Alice might even approve thanks to the cinched waist belt with tiny tassels. read more

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My Oscar Diary

OMG, THE OSCARS! I just wrapped the busiest, and most exciting, part of the year –– Awards Season and Fashion Week! This year I spent many late Sunday nights working the Golden Globes, SAG Awards, and Grammys, and jet-set to NY in the midst of the madness to cover Fashion Week. But the pay off is, and always will be, the Oscars.

This year, I hosted an hour and a half long live show with one of my favorite co-hosts, Matthew Rodrigues, for popsugar.com. We had an incredible spot –– perched up top on the press bridge, right next to Ross Matthews and Kelly Osbourne from E! read more

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How to Make a Potato Sack Dress Look Cute

I am not really a dress girl. I feel most comfortable in trousers, button ups, and blazers (with a fun shoe or two thrown into the mix.) But ever-so-often, a dress will speak to me –– usually of the oversized, bag lady variety.

I love the “where’s the body” game, ie: the dress is so big you can’t see my figure. While this might deter others from wearing it, I jump at the opportunity. Enter: this H&M blue and orange chevron print number. I classed it up with some sparkly ShoeDazzle heels that make me feel like SJP in Sex and the City and topped it off with an equally oversized white blazer by Cameo the Label that has an embossed pattern strikingly similar to my potato sack dress. Irreverent and unrelated or totally intentional? I guess I’m the only one that knows . . . read more

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