Glamping at El Capitan Canyon

El Capitan Canyon Cabin - 2

El Capitan Canyon - Cabin

el capitan inside cabin

el capitan canyon cabin-4

el capitan canyon - tent

el capitan canyon- tent 2

el capitan canyon yurt

el capitan bridge

bill wallace trail el capitan canyon

bill wallace 2


el capitan state beach

tent pic 2

I have always wanted to try “glamping,” and no, I’m not kidding. Believe it or not, I’m quite the nature lover — I grew up going to Outdoor Education camp in middle school, where we did everything from kayaking and pitching tents down the Colorado River, to night snorkeling off of Catalina Island to see bioluminescent plankton. In fact, science, specifically biology, was always my favorite subject growing up, and today, I’m always down to explore new hikes around LA or do something fun and outdoorsy. read more

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