Go Buy Now–’90s Logo Tees!

Logo tees paired with blazer and high waist jeans

Calvin Klein logo tees and black blazer

Calvin Klein logo tees and red hair

Calvin Klein logo tees and high waisted jeans street style

All black Calvin Klein logo tees with black blazer and scarf belt

Calvin Klein Logo Tees and silk scarf belt


Bet you didn’t think logo tees were going to come back again did ya? Watch out–Juicy sweats might be next.

Nothing beats a cozy tee and jeans look–but sometimes, I spruce up the basics with, dare I say, a logo tee? I picked up this Calvin Klein logo tee at the Cabezon outlets a few months ago, and I want to buy more because the cotton is so soft and the fit is really good. And yes, logo tees are cool again thanks to Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid. Personally, I’m kind of digging them too.  read more

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Layer a Crop Top Over a Button Down

How to Layer Crop Top Over Button Down

Layer a black crop top over striped button down

Layer a crop top over button down with leather jacket

How to Layer a Crop Top Over Button Down with peg leg jeans and vintage Gucci

Crop top over button down with leather jacket

Crop top over button down with raw hem jeans

Black crop top over button down with stripes

Proportion and layers leather jacket and crop top over button down


I’ve been really into layering unexpected pieces in my wardrobe, like putting a summer crop top over a button down. I’m currently digging crop tops and tanks layered over billowy blouses and button ups. The beauty of paring something cropped over something long, is that it creates a (false) illusion of length–which is great for someone who is short like me. Who knew a crop top over a button down could make me look and feel like Gisele?

As you know, I have a penchant for vintage. Most of my closet–and my favorite pieces–are vintage, including this blue and white stripe top from Neiman Marcus. It even has that super old school NM tag! What’s beautiful about this top is the movement. The top is actually separated into panels, with major slits on both sides, that creates a liquid-like movement when I walk. I layered a loose, black, cropped tank over it, and voila, instant length.  read more

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Loading Up on Leopard

Easy street style leopard coat leopard sneakers

Casual street style leopard coat leopard sneakers

Street style leopard sneakers and leopard coat on Allison McNamara

Leopard coat and leopard sneakers on redhead


Happy 2017! This is officially my first post of the new year and I feel refreshed and energized for a fresh chapter. As I mentioned in #MyOdeto2016, last year was tough for me and full of lessons–but I’m eager and excited to see what this year holds. I’d love to hear what you want to see more of on my website. So, please leave me a comment below letting me know what posts you love and want more of!

I have been reaching for a ton of leopard as of late–and it doesn’t hurt that leopard is just about everywhere right now. Animal prints in all shapes and colors will be abundant in your feeds over the next few months, and I decided to load up on two pieces of leopard print. The jacket is from Mango and the leopard sneakers are from Stella McCartney, and together, they make the perfect leopard love child🐯. They look so much alike, they look like they’re from the same designer! I’ve played with multiple pieces of leopard print before here and here – but I think this look is my fave way to wear it. Leopard sneakers aren’t the most common piece, so below are my favorite picks for you to shop. What do you think? Let me know! read more

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My Ode to 2016: Nothing Is Permanent





This has to be my favorite time of year–Christmas, followed by a relaxing, (mostly) work-free week before New Years. I have been using this week to spend time with my loved ones and have been waking up slowly and taking things easy. What better way to reset for a new year than taking a little extra time to slow down and reset? I’ve also been taking the days to reflect on the past year, and I’ll be honest, 2016 presented many challenges for me. In fact, this year has been perhaps the toughest of my adult life. I went off completely on my own this year professionally and I must admit, I was scared shitless, and at times, I’m still scared shitless. Not having the comfort of knowing exactly what income you’re going to make and when is both terrifying and liberating. It forced me to stretch outside of my comfort zone and get creative. And that’s precisely what I did. read more

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Velvet. Leopard. Blazer









There are few fashion items that bring me as much joy as a great vintage find. This leopard coat is one that tops my list. I forget where I got it. I’ve had it for quite awhile, and wear it from time to time, usually with basics. But this go around, I wanted to make a statement. So, I paired it with a navy and teal striped shirt, flared jeans and a burgundy pom pom. Not going to lie–I kind of feel like Hugh Hefner in this get-up.

Velvet is clearly a huge fabric for fall and winter, so expect to see lots more coming up on my blog here shortly! And to shop this outfit, take a look at the gallery below. Don’t forget to leave me a comment! read more

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