Short Sleeve Button Downs



Bandana-extra 1




I have been on the hunt for short sleeve button downs for awhile. They’re actually quite rare and hard to find, especially ones that are made specifically for the ladies. I’ve talked about this before–I’m not wild about my upper arms, and I prefer to cover them if I have the option. I love a long sleeve button down, and I have sleeveless versions too–but I want something in between. 

I finally found a style that I love from Uniqlo, and it’s only $30. I bought them in a bunch of different colors like white, navy, etc. I enjoy that it feels more polished than a t-shirt but not as dressy as a blouse. Here, I tucked it into a denim skirt, added on a vintage red bandana, and some ’70s sunglasses. The sunglasses are pretty cool right? I snagged them from the DSC house when I filmed a few little segments for them. Check the video out here! read more

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Red, White and Blue

Memorial Day Outfit 2

Memorial Day Outfit 4

Memorial Day Outfit 5

Memorial Day Outfit 7

Memorial Day Outfit 6

Memorial Day Outfit 3

Long weekends are my absolute favorite — especially during this time of year! I’m spending Memorial Day weekend relaxing around the house, gardening, hiking, and having a BBQ. Recently, I’ve been loving red, white, and blue together — I’ve actually been wearing this color combo a lot!

So naturally, I wanted to put together a festive, patriotic look for our Memorial Day BBQ. I decided to go with that skirt that was oh-so popular last summer – the button front denim skirt. I still like the way it looks and have no intention of retiring this style anytime soon. This look is simple – baggy white button down, tied in the front, and unbuttoned to show off a red banana choker. I’ve been wearing my scarves like this on repeat, so expect to see more! read more

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Navy + Black Love Affair

mix 1

I am a HUGE advocate for mixing navy and black together. I know people have mixed feelings on this matter, but I’ve never quite understood why. This outfit is all about finding blues and blacks in your wardrobe that compliment each other. 

Funny enough, it was raining the day I wore this outfit. I really don’t like wearing pants when it’s raining because somehow I always get them wet and then I’m stuck with soggy pants all day. So, if the temperature permits, I like to style skirts for rainy days. I wanted to style the button down skirt of Instagrams past… remember this guy? You’ve seen it a billion times styled with stripes and body suits and platforms, so I challenged myself to make it (somewhat) seasonally appropriate. I grabbed a black, crew neck, knit sweater and my cozy black, knit thigh highs. WARNING: knit thigh highs can look really REALLY bad, so you have to be careful when styling them. They can also add bulk to your thighs if they hit you at the wrong spot. Just wanted to throw that out there. I wanted the effect of wearing ginormous, tall boots, so I slipped my feet into these leather knee high boots. And, I must say, I was quite warm. read more

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Garden of Oz

OZ 1

OZ 2

OZ 3

oz 4

Tucked away off of Beachwood Canyon on a tiny street, Ledgewood Drive, is a beautiful mosaic-filled sanctuary called Garden of Oz. I found this place one night on pinterest and knew I had to shoot it for my blog. My photographer, Elaine Torres, was equally eager to see it, however, once we got there, we were disappointed to find out that you couldn’t take photos inside the garden.

We did take a few photos outside the Garden of Oz, but if you are in LA, you really should see it. It’s only open to the public 2 hours a week, from 10am – 12pm Thursdays. Elaine and I took a break from shooting for a tour of the space and what we saw behind the yellow gates was truly magical. It’s crazy to me that the owner doesn’t allow photographs… it took 20 years to construct! It’s basically a folk art museum for children, with tile-lined nooks and crannies that adults and children alike would be eager to explore. read more

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Lace and Denim

lace 2

lace 4

lace 1

lace 3

How sweet is this outfit? I always find myself reaching for lace tops and dresses in the summertime. I brought this top with me to New Orleans and wore it with loose, khaki shorts, but forgot to document the outfit. I liked this H&M top so much that I wanted to shoot it for the blog, so this time I went with a high waisted, light wash, denim, circle skirt. I’ve actually had this skirt for years and haven’t worn it in a very long time, and this look inspired me to find more cute ways to wear it.  read more

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