This Style Stalker Blouse…

flowy white top casual outfit 3

flowy white top casual 4

flowy white top casual 2

white flowy top casual - ex 4

flowy white casual top - ex 2

white flowy top casual - ex 3

white flowy top ex 5

flowy white top 1

Is everything! And lucky for all of you, it’s still available online. I’m on a white blouse kick, and I think this open back top by Style Stalker might take the cake as my current favorite. I get so many compliments whenever I wear this top. I first wore it for a video shoot for Refinery 29, which hasn’t come out yet, and I got such positive feedback I decided to buy it (originally, I had pulled it from a showroom.)

It’s all about the details. The wave like piping across the front adds a structural intrigue to an otherwise bohemian silhouette. I decided to go totally baggy here and wear it with flared, cropped, raw denim. I know they say pair something loose with something fitted, but this combo – while not necessarily the most flattering – felt the freshest. I’m getting more and more comfortable with this jean style and have been wearing them a lot more often! read more

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Army Green Jackets

denim and army 1

denim and army 2

denim and army 3

army and denim- ex 4

army and denim - ex 2

army and denim 5

army and denim - ex 3

army and denim - ex 1

denim and army 4

It  might be a thing of the past, but I still enjoy a good army green field jacket. Sure, I used to have one from H&M that barely left my back circa 5 years ago, but it’s since been replaced by this short sleeve version from Club Monaco. I do like the way army green adds a utilitarian, unisex feel to an ensemble. In this case, I’m wearing this short sleeve jacket with a reverse pinstripe top and my new, fav ripped skinnies. Fact: I’ve never found a good pair of ripped skinnies until these guys! Usually the rip hits me in the wrong spot (usually, the knee area is too low for me) but these are a total win.  read more

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shorts 4

In order to get the “perfect” closet, one needs to collect the basics. Easier said than done. I have been attempting to “collect” the basics for a long time, and while I have checked things off my (ever-growing) basics list, there are still a ton of things I want to buy. But for some reason, my eye is always drawn towards the crazy, vintage patterned piece. Which is awesome, but also makes for a crazy, colorful closet that doesn’t necessarily mix and match as easily.

This is my take on basics – denim boyfriend shorts, cuffed up, a white button down top, a camel leather jacket, and leopard flats. Oh, and leather backpack. Simple, chic, and easy.  read more

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pealrs 9

There’s really nothing quite as classic as a string of gorgeous pearls, #amiright? As Jackie O put it, “pearls are always appropriate.” I took that statement to heart, and challenged myself to style this gorgeous Elizabeth lariat necklace from Windsor Avenue in a less conventional way. 

Before I break down the look, I want to tell you guys a little bit about the traveling pearls (you can read the full story here.) Inspired by the concept of the famous “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,” — only way more chic —  Olivia Hollaus, Founder and Creative Director of Windsor Avenue, selected 3 bloggers across the US to wear the same string of pearls. I was lucky enough to be chosen, alongside Holly Boyd from Make Today a Holly Day and Jacyln from Beauty and the Binky read more

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Spring Suiting

suit 2

Nothing says ’70s quite like a powder blue blazer! This is another vintage piece that I snagged from my mom’s closet. I’ve had it for awhile, but I never really figured out how to wear it… and then somehow, it hit me. A yellow blouse! What this blazer needs is a yellow button up, and being the button-up hoarder I am, I had one.

I’m really digging this color palette. I adore the pale blue mixed with yellow and then grounded with the camel skirt. Both blue and yellow are huge colors this year, so I suggest you start experimenting, stat! read more

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