My Ode to 2016: Nothing Is Permanent





This has to be my favorite time of year–Christmas, followed by a relaxing, (mostly) work-free week before New Years. I have been using this week to spend time with my loved ones and have been waking up slowly and taking things easy. What better way to reset for a new year than taking a little extra time to slow down and reset? I’ve also been taking the days to reflect on the past year, and I’ll be honest, 2016 presented many challenges for me. In fact, this year has been perhaps the toughest of my adult life. I went off completely on my own this year professionally and I must admit, I was scared shitless, and at times, I’m still scared shitless. Not having the comfort of knowing exactly what income you’re going to make and when is both terrifying and liberating. It forced me to stretch outside of my comfort zone and get creative. And that’s precisely what I did. read more

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Bomber Jacket Swag








white-tee-black-shorts-ex 2


Wearing a bomber jacket instantly makes me feel like a rockstar. There is something undeniably cool and collegiate about sporting a bomber, even if it wasn’t received as a sports or study accolade. I got this one a few years back at Forever 21 because it has an “M” for McNamara on it. That’s another thing I adore – a monogram! Anything with my initial(s) on it and I’m sold. read more

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This Style Stalker Blouse…

flowy white top casual outfit 3

flowy white top casual 4

flowy white top casual 2

white flowy top casual - ex 4

flowy white casual top - ex 2

white flowy top casual - ex 3

white flowy top ex 5

flowy white top 1

Is everything! And lucky for all of you, it’s still available online. I’m on a white blouse kick, and I think this open back top by Style Stalker might take the cake as my current favorite. I get so many compliments whenever I wear this top. I first wore it for a video shoot for Refinery 29, which hasn’t come out yet, and I got such positive feedback I decided to buy it (originally, I had pulled it from a showroom.)

It’s all about the details. The wave like piping across the front adds a structural intrigue to an otherwise bohemian silhouette. I decided to go totally baggy here and wear it with flared, cropped, raw denim. I know they say pair something loose with something fitted, but this combo – while not necessarily the most flattering – felt the freshest. I’m getting more and more comfortable with this jean style and have been wearing them a lot more often! read more

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Red, White and Blue

Memorial Day Outfit 2

Memorial Day Outfit 4

Memorial Day Outfit 5

Memorial Day Outfit 7

Memorial Day Outfit 6

Memorial Day Outfit 3

Long weekends are my absolute favorite — especially during this time of year! I’m spending Memorial Day weekend relaxing around the house, gardening, hiking, and having a BBQ. Recently, I’ve been loving red, white, and blue together — I’ve actually been wearing this color combo a lot!

So naturally, I wanted to put together a festive, patriotic look for our Memorial Day BBQ. I decided to go with that skirt that was oh-so popular last summer – the button front denim skirt. I still like the way it looks and have no intention of retiring this style anytime soon. This look is simple – baggy white button down, tied in the front, and unbuttoned to show off a red banana choker. I’ve been wearing my scarves like this on repeat, so expect to see more! read more

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Army Green Jackets

denim and army 1

denim and army 2

denim and army 3

army and denim- ex 4

army and denim - ex 2

army and denim 5

army and denim - ex 3

army and denim - ex 1

denim and army 4

It  might be a thing of the past, but I still enjoy a good army green field jacket. Sure, I used to have one from H&M that barely left my back circa 5 years ago, but it’s since been replaced by this short sleeve version from Club Monaco. I do like the way army green adds a utilitarian, unisex feel to an ensemble. In this case, I’m wearing this short sleeve jacket with a reverse pinstripe top and my new, fav ripped skinnies. Fact: I’ve never found a good pair of ripped skinnies until these guys! Usually the rip hits me in the wrong spot (usually, the knee area is too low for me) but these are a total win.  read more

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