Camel + Stripes

stripes 1

Post Oscars = most comfy outfit in my closet. I had so much fun yesterday co-hosting ABC’s live pre-show, On the Red Carpet at the Oscars, along side Tina Malave. And, I’m putting together a vlog that will hopefully go up tomorrow of what it’s like to get ready for a big televised event. But now, I’m currently relaxing in my most comfy, casual outfit… stripes, jeans, and a leather jacket.

I really adore the way black and camel look together! And how cute is this wolf and lamb clutch? I’ve put together a great gallery so you can shop my look below! xx read more

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All Nude

camels 1

My love affair with camel continues! And this time around, I’m doing the winter work version. What do you wear to an interview or meeting?  Now, just like you guys, I look to websites, pinterest, and other bloggers for fashion inspiration. I had a few big meetings and, I’m going to be honest, dressing for important meetings has never been my strong suit, especially given the fact that I work in such a creative field. So… I decided to do some research, and came across this Refinery 29 article that inspired the look above. I love to get re-inspired by things I already own… and I get even more excited when I can re-style pieces that I thought were on their way out of my closet. Example: this nude dress. read more

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My Sweater Confession


For once… a sweater that doesn’t make me feel like a blob! I need more comfortable sweaters like this one in my life. I’m going to throw something out there — I love wearing sweaters, but as someone who is “short,” I never feel cute in them. I’m always envious of models I see on pinterest rocking cozy sweaters, jeans and sneakers and looking so chic and effortless. If I were to wear the same look, I would look like a chubby girl from a small town with zero style. Anyone else out there feel me? Sucks but it’s the truth. Which is why I’m so happy I found this camel sweater from Joes! So many knits are bulky and clunky. This one is cropped and tailored, so it doesn’t consume my whole frame. Additionally, it’s great for wearing with high waisted jeans and skirts!  read more

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Winter Reformation


The idea of a turtleneck mini dress might seem counter intuitive – why wear a mini if it’s cold enough to wear a turtleneck? I pondered this same thing until I purchased this delicious black Reformation turtleneck dress last year. 

It’s perfect for those transitional days wear it’s just cool enough to wear a sweater, and also great for pairing with thick wool tights and boots. I’m all about a black and camel pairing right now, so I added on my camel leather jacket. read more

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Cool in Camel













OMG I am so obsessed with camel! I seriously kind of wish that my whole wardrobe was camel. Or, at the very least, wish I had every essential basic in this beautiful hue. I’ve been trying to refrain from purchasing new clothing lately since I’m heading to Thailand on vacation soon, have tons of holiday gifts to buy, and a house that’s still in need of decor… so sadly I haven’t quite gotten every awesome basic in camel just yet. However, I have been discovering items I totally forgot about that I already have in my closet, like this great camel, blazer-coat hybrid. read more

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