The Best Shade of Burgundy Lipstick

Burgundy lipstick red hair burgundy scarf

Burgundy lipstick red hair

Red hair and burgundy lipstick

Red hair flip


Don’t believe me? Try to tell me this isn’t the best shade of burgundy lipstick!

What better way to get dolled up for date night than with burgundy lipstick? Burgundy lipstick is less expected than red, and compliments a wide variety of skin tones. And, it makes your teeth look white!  I like my lips how I like my wine–bold and dark. There is something about a crimson-colored, burgundy lip that is a bit edgier than a classic red lipstick… slightly more daring and risqué, if you will. I j’adore wearing this shade this time of year. read more

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Dressed Up Christmas Eve

eve 4

Do you remember the holidays being more formal when you were younger? I’m not sure if it was just the area that I grew up in, but I always remember Christmas being this uber glamorous holiday, specifically Christmas Eve. We would all get dressed up in our best festive dresses, tights and mary janes and head over to our friends annual Christmas Eve party. And, it was wonderful and you could feel the magic of the season. I definitely miss those days, and I’m trying to spearhead their return. So, even though we didn’t do anything nearly as glam as the holiday parties of years’ past… I decided to put on a fancy outfit this Christmas Eve. read more

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Purse Poms


OK, let’s talk about purse pom poms. When I first saw this trend with the Fendi bag poms, I thought it was so silly. I also thought, there is no way I would get behind adding on a furry keychain to my purse. Well, per the usual, I thought wrong. Look at me now, just a few months later and I, too, am sporting a furry bag pom pom. And quite frankly, I love it. For some reason it makes me feel like my outfit is more complete. I decided to go with a fuzzy burgundy guy, and I think it looks great with this little Alexander Wang bag. I also like wearing it with my larger Proenza bag too! read more

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