How To Pull Off the Fishnets Trend

How to Wear Fishnets

Exposed Fishnets Trend Over Jeans

Dose of Rose gold long earrings red hair white turtleneck exposed fishnets and nipple

Sitting wearing boyfriend jeans fishnets trend and big earrings

80s Boyfriend Jeans White Ruffle Top with Exposed Fishnets trend

Fishnets trend worn with ruffle top and jeans

White ruffle top with exposed fishnets trend

80s boyfriend jeans and fishnets trend underneath

beauty shot red hair no makeup

Fishnets trend underneath jeans with heels

Cool fishnets trend look

Full 80s look with fishnets trend


The fishnets trend, easily the most popular look in fashion right now–here’s how to wear it.

Brace yourself, because you’re going to start seeing a whole lot of the fishnets trend on the blog and on Instagram! I’ve been wanting to give these bad boys a go, and I finally bit the bullet a few weeks ago and haven’t looked back. I have somewhat of an obsessive personality–when I get into something, I become obsessed and keep eating / wearing / doing it until I’m over it. And right now, I’m very into the fishnets trend. And it’s easy to see why, right? They’re cool, unexpected, and provide a little bit of warmth. Okay, scratch that last thought, they provide zero warmth but who cares when you look cool? read more

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Mixing Metallics

full metallic jacket boyfriend jeans reflective sunglasses 1

Why wear one metallic when you can wear many? That was definitely my mantra with this outfit. I recently got these fun, super reflective, mirror sunglasses from an event at Wetherly PR, and I haven’t taken them off since!

I actually was kind of getting over mirrored sunglasses… and then I got these guys! I was inspired by how silver they are, so I went with my flashiest, metallic pieces in my closet.

Enter: this metallic Zara blazer. This was one of my first Zara purchases years ago, and I remember wearing it to dinner with a friend and getting SO many compliments on it. I remember how cool this jacket made me feel — and I still got the same feeling this time around. Don’t you love pieces like that? That’s one (of the many) reasons that I love fashion – you can associate clothing with feelings and memories.  read more

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Vintage Blazer + Scarf

red 4

Ah, my love for vintage grows stronger by the day! I snagged this red, militant jacket from my mom years ago, but I’ve only worn it once. It has a very ’80s sensibility with padded shoulders and a boxy fix, but the attributes I like most about this piece of outerwear are the gold buttons and the streamlined collar. The first time I wore this blazer, I dressed it up with a black turtleneck and trousers, but I’m kinda loving it wiht a more dressed down look.

As you probably know, I haven’t taken these creepers off since I bought them 🙂 And I like the juxtaposition here with the ladylike blouse and scarf with the heavy black rubber shoes. read more

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Transition Into Fall

BF 2

BF 3

BF 5

BF 1

I am so ready for fall, but sadly, the weather doesn’t seem to want to let go of summer. The weather in LA has been so temperamental. I know I shouldn’t complain, but the super hot temperatures are preventing me from diving into yummy, new fall clothes.

The transitional months, for me, are the most fun. I get to experiment and mix summer styles with fall favorites, like boyfriend jeans and leather jackets. I’m always a fan of a baby doll top moment (perhaps it’s the secret spice girl inside of me) so I was eager to style this dainty, cream, spaghetti strap top with some of my fall attire. Enter, the slim fit boyfriend jean. These have quickly become my favorite denim because they’re comfortable and look good with everything. read more

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