Another Day, Another Scarf

scarf 1

This title pretty much sums up my mantra… and my style. I have been going hard on the scarf kick recently, and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. And, why would I when scarves are just so… awesome. Who doesn’t love a little extra flare? Personally, I love collecting them and using them to express my mood. I also like to give them names… This one I’ve deemed the “clown scarf” because it makes me feel like I’m in a circus. Blue and red is one of my top color combos, too. read more

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Skin Tight





This look is definitely out of my comfort zone! I typically shy away from body con dresses and skirts because 1) I wore them a lot when I was younger and am sort of scarred from my experiences and 2) I feel like my ass looks big sometimes Рhey, not going to lie here. I got over the latter for this look by putting a long white blazer over my look, strategically hiding the derri̬re.

I fell in love with this turtleneck the moment I saw it. I think people are calling this style the “titty tank” and I can see why because you really cannot wear a bra with it. So, I freed the nip and tried it out. The result, I like! The top is slightly lighter than the equally body conscious, ribbed skirt, which breaks up the separates and keeps it from looking like one piece. read more

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