Barely There, Boudoir Slip Dresses

Boudoir slip dress olive green over black turtleneck

How to Wear a boudoir slip dress with layering

Boudoir olive slip dress worn with black blazer

Boudoir slip dress on red head with blazer and turtleneck

Boudoir slip dress street style on redhead

Boudoir slip dress over turtleneck with black blazer and bag

Boudoir slip dress olive worn over turtleneck on redhead Allison McNamara

Boudoir slip dress olive green Urban Outfitters

Boudoir slip dress with turtleneck

Olive green boudoir slip dress layered


The boudoir slip dress is as ’90s as it gets–but how to wear it without showing all your goodies?

I know I just wrote about a black slip dress last week, but I had to share another look. Instead of going for the classic black, midi-length slip dress that I’ve had on repeat, I decided to swap it out for something a bit more boudoir–a slip that’s sexier. Enter: the boudoir slip dress. But LBH, I’m pushing 30 and there is no way I am prancing around town in a barely-there boudoir slip dress without some sort of strategic layering. So, I tempered the look with a black turtleneck, and made it more business with a long blazer. read more

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Legs For Days

Legs blazer 2

Legs Blazer 3

Legs blazer - 1

Legs Blazer 5

Legs Blazer 7

Legs blazer 6

Legs Blazer 4

Pun clearly intended – how rad is this blazer? I saw it and knew I had to have it. I actually pulled it for a shoot at Refinery29 from one of my favorite showrooms, ICA, and have managed to wear it with just about everything since (stay tuned for it’s cameo in some R29 videos!) It’s by a brand called Amator, a super cool brand that has a variety of awesome blazers, separates, and cozy clothes. This particular jacket is from their FW 2016 collection, and everything else in the lookbook is so awesome, I want it all. Take a look at it hereyou won’t be disappointed! read more

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Red jacket




RED backup 2

Sometimes it’s the simple things that have the most impact. I was having one of those days where I didn’t want to wear anything in my closet. I’ve been trying to spend less on clothes and more on my home, so I get frustrated occasionally because I’m pretty accustomed to having new items in rotation. As annoyed as I get from time to time, it’s a good exercise for me to explore new combinations in my wardrobe; after all, isn’t that was “style” and “styling” is all about? read more

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